1958 Fender Telecaster "Top Loader." This guitar may be the finest refin we offer in 2019! Why? Because it's completely original and unmolested, right down to all the screws, other than an authentic body only refin by Fiesta Finishes™. And it includes its pristine original Tweed, gold lined case. Though not clear in the photos, the nitro translucent white blonde reveals the beautiful grain on the one piece Ash body. Since the body was stripped to Natural, but never re-painted, the cavities retain all original finish, and these were masked during the refin. After the new finish ages a few years, this guitar could (and unfortunately probably will) pass for an all original finish. The body has perfect contours, full thickness and absolutely no bad sanding.

The neck is 100% original, including finish, decal, and frets. There are no extra holes, cracks, enlarged tuner holes, etc., commonly found on some abused refin guitars. The frets are quite worn and have been leveled in the past. Players who prefer taller frets will need to consider a refret, though the guitar plays fine as is. We've elected to leave this decision to the buyer since the neck is 100% original.

As stated all parts on the guitar are original. This includes all hardware, tuners, bridge, saddles, control plate, knobs, jack plate, strap buttons, etc. The original ash tray bridge cover is also included. The pick guard is original, and has a very small repair where it cracked near the control plate at one of the screw holes. All electronics are original, including pickups, pots, switch, jack, tone cap, etc. The guitar is currently wired modern, i.e. no "Mud Cap," and middle position is both pickups.

The serial number is 30XXX. Body and neck both date to 10/58. This Tele tips in at 7.5 lbs, not crazy light but very resonant and not heavy. The neck is a nice, big, full "C" shape, as this guitar pre-dates the thinner necks found on '59-'61 models. The neck measures .862" at 1st fret and .993" at 12th fret. Pickups are identically matched, both reading 6.8K Ohms, something rarely seen on vintage Teles.

The guitar ships in its original gold lined Tweed case. Both latches still open on their own with a satisfying pop, a rarity on these old cases. A reproduction case could be supplied instead if the buyer is seeking a lower price, as a tweed case in this condition is quite valuable on its own.

The guitar sounds great, giving the full range of tones one would expect from an iconic, late 50's white blonde, white guard Tele.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Keep the guitar for 48 hours and if not fully satisfied, return for a full refund minus shipping charge.

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