Incredible and RARE 1961 Tele Custom In 100% original un-modified condition with no alterations or repairs. This is an incredible slab board tele custom with all of the vibe and mojo you are looking for. Relic’d the real way because it was lovingly played. When you find these they typically have been re-fretted or have changed parts (search current internet offerings to see). This one is is totally straight and all original with the original case and strap. The White Binding is in excellent condition and all intact with no cracking or breaks. It's Been Played!!! Finish wear, dings, scrapes, are all included! This is one that you can continue to play while it retains its collectibility and value. Those of you who know Asbury Park Vintage Guitars know that we LOVE Tele customs. This one has a neck and body date of May 1961 with perfect pot codes, unbroken/untouched solder joints, great frets, and amazing pickups. Sure, you can get a Slab Tele Custom that's had a re-fret or other modifications/repairs in the low to high $20's K, or you can have an unmolested original! We will make a video of this amazing instrument in the coming days and post here. Please let us know if you have any questions. Purchase includes Shipping anywhere in the Continental USA, we will quote shipping separately for locations outside CUSA. Enjoy!!

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Custom (Sunburst) UNREAL
Original Hard
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