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1958 Gibson ES-335

Asbury Park Vintage Guitars is thrilled to present this Amazing 1958 ES-335 Dot Neck in 100% all original condition with no alterations, repairs or modifications, with the cleanest near Mint pink Lifton case (with Case Key!). This is the best priced all original '58 ES-335 available on the market and is a truly superb example of a 1958 unbound dot neck, featuring the thin resonant top, original...
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1978 Gibson Flying V MINT OH MY GOD!

A mint condition 1978 Flying V in stunning Polaris White. This incredible guitar is 1 of 70 made per Gibson shipping records and is in jaw dropping condition and plays and sounds wonderful. Not a screw out of place, not a scratch, no checking, no cracks in the finish, just perfect, and...A Great Deal!!! The rare 70’s V’s have been selling for $8k and higher. Serial # 71028XXX. This is the best...
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1961 Fender Telecaster

1961 Fender Telecaster 13 % off
Incredible and RARE 1961 Tele Custom In 100% original un-modified condition with no alterations or repairs. This is an incredible slab board tele custom with all of the vibe and mojo you are looking for. Relic’d the real way because it was lovingly played. When you find these they typically have been re-fretted or have changed parts (search current internet offerings to see). This one is is...
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1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom

Here we have a perfect 1969 Les Paul custom, all original, with no repairs alterations or modifications!!! Don't spend the same money for a re-fretted, repaired, refinished or lesser '69 LP Custom (which is most of the market today). Instead, feast on this incredible completely stock and all original specimen with gold hardware that looks barely a few months old, and sounds and plays incredible,...
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1959 Gibson ES-350T MINT

WOW!!! 1959 Blonde ES-350T in Dead MINT condition. This One-Owner Investment-grade guitar was purchased from the Original owner who bought it new in 1959 in St. Louis. This is the world's finest example of this instrument and has ZERO wear, ZERO Checking, ZERO cracks, ZERO scratches, ZERO anything!! Everything is 100% original and untouched. It's silencing and humbling to even hold and look at...
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1959 Gibson ES-350T MINT

1959 Gibson ES-350T Sunburst in MINT-UNDER-THE-BED-CONDITION!! This incredible one-owner Investment-Grade instrument has everything you are looking for in a vintage guitar. All original super-mint condition with no wear, no checking, no cracking. This is the Finest example of this guitar known. Serial # A-30284. Beautiful Flame Top, amazing sounding 1959 PAF's, gold hardware, Vari-tone,...
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1964 Fender Stratocaster MINT

Never Before seen in 52 years! Asbury Park Vintage Guitars presents: from "under the bed", the finest known example of a Spaghetti Logo 1964 Stratocaster !! Serial # L46445, Neck Date 2SEP64B. This is the cleanest / nicest L Series Strat on the planet, and it will blow your mind. Solid Alder Body, Mint Green Guard, Rosewood Fingerboard, Clay dot inlays, Spaghetti Logo, Original Hard Shell...
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1967 Fender Telecaster Custom MINT

1967 Fender Telecaster Custom MINT 14 % off
Incredible 1967 Fender Tele Custom from the original owner in Mint under-the-bed condition! Truly a great collector grade instrument and a killer one to play and to break in and make your own story with because it plays and sounds amazing. Virtually no wear. A 4-bolt neck plate with Serial # 203626. Modern wiring. Sweet pickups. Neck Pickup is 5.44, Bridge pickup is 5.41. August 3, 1967 Neck...
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