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1941 Martin D-18

Unbelievable 1941 Martin D-18. Near-Mint condition!!!  This is easily the finest, most remarkably clean original condition pre-war/War-era Martin acoustics we have ever seen and likely will ever see. No cracks. No refin or overspray. almost (99% ) no wear anywhere on this guitar. It looks like it came out of the Martin factory in Nazareth PA yesterday. Martin expert TJ Thompson (regarded as one...
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1961 Fender Telecaster

1961 Fender Telecaster 22 % off
Incredible and RARE 1961 Tele Custom In 100% original un-modified condition with no alterations or repairs. This is an incredible slab board tele custom with all of the vibe and mojo you are looking for. Relic’d the real way because it was lovingly played. When you find these they typically have been re-fretted or have changed parts (search current internet offerings to see). This one is is...
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1959 Gibson ES-350T MINT

1959 Gibson ES-350T MINT 22 % off
1959 Gibson ES-350T Sunburst in MINT-UNDER-THE-BED-CONDITION!! This incredible one-owner Investment-Grade instrument has everything you are looking for in a vintage guitar. All original super-mint condition with no wear, no checking, no cracking. This is the Finest example of this guitar known. Serial # A-30284. Beautiful Flame Top, amazing sounding 1959 PAF's, gold hardware, Vari-tone,...
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