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CBS Fender board room 1968: Young Exec: "Hey, why don't we cover a Telecaster with paisley or flowered wallpaper and sell it to those long hair hippie types? They're the ones who buy electric guitars anyway". Old Exec: "Are you nuts?". Could have happened. Anyway, Fender under stodgy CBS went ahead and bought a load of Borden's Cling Foil Contact Paper and covered a load of Telecasters and Tele Basses with it. And people bought them. Not in droves but they did sell. The wallpaper was covered with a very thick clear coat that simply doesn't age well. It buckles, it checks, it yellows badly. This one is pretty average. All the paisley is still there but there is heavy checking/cracking all over. The reddish pink finish around the edges has turned orange and is flaking off in places. It has a rather unusual set of tuners. The "F" tuners were introduced in 67 and are pretty awful. This guitar has the F-tuners but the tips aren't those odd angular ones. They are like regular Klusons and they actually work pretty well. Never seen them before. All electronics are original. All hardware is original including the bridge cover. Case is original.

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