This is about as good and as cool and as understated and sleek as it gets in a Fender Custom Shop Telecaster. We had it made for us back in 1995, well over twenty years ago, when the Fender Custom Shop was in its fledgling state. That department at Fender barely existed back then; there were seven or maybe eight guys, off in their own corner of the factory, and the whole operation was run by a self-proclaimed semi-beatnik who called himself Tele Jones, real name John Grunder, a very, very dear friend of mine. John passed away some years ago, may he rest in peace; we all loved him dearly and he ran a wonderful place. One of the builders there who was known for making the most fabled Teles was Alan Hamel, and this is one of a few guitars we had him make for us back then. It is a Tele Custom, pure and true, with white binding (now turned a wonderful vintage shade) on both front and back of the body. The neck is of the highest-grade flamed maple and boy, does it show, on both its front and its back, with Alan’s signature in gold and his personal serial number 0610 in black under the lacquer on the back of the peghead. Black lacquer on the body and matching black lacquer on the front of the peghead of course, with silver Fender logo; just doesn’t get any classier than this. The pickups, you know, I really can’t remember what Alan put in but I trusted him all the way and I can say that this guitar positively shouts when you plug it in. Now here’s the wild part: The guy who bought it NEVER PLAYED IT, mainly because he didn’t know how. It came back to us about two years later, untouched, and I put it away. Until now. So here’s your chance to own a piece of history, an essentially NOS Fender Custom Shop Telecaster, in near-mint condition, built by one of the true greats, in fact a hero amongst heroes at Fender. Still has Fender papers, cable, etc. in the case. It doesn’t get any better than this. $6995 w/ohsc

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