Iconic, classic, rare, and the cleanest example I remember ever having. We bought a large collection of Blackface Fender amps, if you are looking for one we have it, and this is one of the coolest. All the date codes are earlier to mid 1964, but I seem to remember the label code being January 1965, but could be wrong, could be 1964. We had 20 Black face amps to go through, and things are running together. The amp has been serviced, new filter caps, new preamp tube bypass electrolytics, and had a 3 pin grounded AC cable installed, bypassing the ground switch/death cap, with the original 2 pin in the back of the amp. The optocoupler/LDR wasn't working properly, and the tremolo was weak, so a new one of those was installed, and now the tremolo is mighty. All the transformers are stock, as are the tone components. We brought it up slowly on a variac, with a solid state rectifier and put more DC voltage to the caps then they would see with the GZ34 rectifier. Works and sounds great. One of the young guys who work here, who has had the opportunity to play through dozens of 50's, 60's and 70's amps said emphatically it was the best amp he's ever played through. Easy to see why Stevie dug it! It has the tone! Cosmetically it has a nice ding on the faceplate, right on the Vibroverb logo, We are fixing some Gibson headstocks, and had some black nitro mixed up, so drop filled a little bit into the black areas where it was dinged to clean it up a bit. Overall it's reasonably clean, and solid. It has Sovtek tubes in, probably deserves something nicer, but everyone has their own Guru, choice of tubes, etc, so just did the basic stuff, as not to kill someone, and it works fine. Original JBL (possible recone) , foot switch, and a great example. Footswitch included. Thanks for looking!

Coleman Music

Coleman Music

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Coleman Music
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