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1965 Fender Mustang

1965 Fender Mustang 36% off
This was a labor of love. The guitar was almost a husk- originally had been white. It had been refretted, and the rosewood fingerboard is sanded pretty thin. We torqued the truss rod as tight as we could, and it works, and the fingerboard was fine and everything set up well, but the fingerboard was sanded. Our buddy up in Ohio did a great refin, including the headstock in shell pink, light...
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~1968 Kapa Series 500

~1968 Kapa Series 500 50% off
I love Kapa's, own 2 and pick them up whenever I can, it's a formative year thing. This is a later 60's 500, more than likely it has made the switch to Japanese pickups. Plays well, overall very clean, probably the cleanest Kapa I have ever had. It has a 2 tone gray/cream chipboard case, like I would see with a nice older Harmony or Kay, with a repaired handle. Kapa's are cool, made in Maryland...
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1969 Ampeg Dan Armstrong bass

So in 1972 I bought Black Sabbath's Volume IV album, and there was Geezer playing one of these- my favorite band then and now, and I was ate up with a hardcore bass jones, and a year later one found it's way to me, and I still have it. I have always had a deep visceral love for these guitars and basses. This is maybe the cleanest I have ever had for sale, a really nice example. Mine is a 1969,...
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