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1976 Gibson Explorer

In 1976 I was a senior in high school. I remember going down to Shelby Jewelry and Loan, who was a Gibson dealer, and Mr. Reid said "son I have something I think you'll like" and pulled out his 2 Gibson Explorers he had just gotten in. Man yeah! Seeing these guitars still give me a thrill 40odd years later. This one is not perfect, but no cracks or breaks. It was refinished, very well, and the...
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1961 Gibson SG Special

I bought this guitar from Annie Allman in Savannnah in the early 80's, and sold it to a good friend maybe 5 years ago. It was the best Special I have ever seen, much less owned, and still is. There is some light players wear around the edges, but I would say a strong 9 or 9+ out of 10 overall. Five digit 30XXX serial number, offset non compensated wrap around, non volume/tone marked reflector...
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~1973 Hagstrom Swede

50 year old Swedish rocker and a great sounding guitar! This Swede has newer Hagstrom 62 pickups, new CTS pots and and older (good) set of Grover machine heads, so not a 100% stock instrument, but a good sounding and playing guitar. It still has the original pickup rings, the bridge, tailpiece, knobs, switches and tailpiece cover are original. No cracks or breaks or repairs, other than the ...
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1988 Gibson Q80

Not a model I was very familiar with, my first thought it was a Victory with a P/J pickup set up. At some point it was professionally converted to a fretless. Truss rod works, electronics sound great, ebony boards just rock and is a pretty cool 30 some year old American bass. Nonoriginal hard case, kind of average but is solid. 34" scale, great bass and ready to boogie. Thanks for ...
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1988 Fender Eric Clapton Strat

We sold this one new I believe way back when- all the dealers in my area seemed to be more into the black and red ones, but green was always my favorite color, and I ordered more than they could ship me. This guitar is not pristine, not ragged out either- it's been played, but is still in nice shape. It has the softer V neck, frets are good, looks to be 100% stock with the original tweed case....
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2014 Gibson Derek Trucks Signature SG

Stupid clean guitar that looks unplayed. Original hard case included, but no paperwork, it's the black Gibson case with white lining. Having had a couple '61 Standards this year I can say the wide thin neck is dead on. Wonderful guitar and a rocker! Thanks for looking! - Coleman Music 1021 South Main St. China Grove, NC, 28023
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1982 G&L SB-2

These are really cool basses, and it's hard to find one these days. Players wear but overall decent shape, the main thing is the wear on the back. It has the original black vinyl hard case with the square/non leather bound ends. The pot codes are the middle of 1982. Virtually no fret wear, and is a great player. My store manager has one and his circle of ball player friends all swear by these....
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~1980 BC Rich Rico RW-9C

This is a pretty fabulous guitar. Until 6 or so weeks ago I didn't know The BC Rich Rico's even offered an acoustic. Overall the guitar is pretty clean, not perfect but no cracks or breaks, or repairs, plays well with a nice straight neck (a little relief but the truss rod works), very little fret wear, but man! It's gorgeous! Birdseye maple sides and back. I can't tell if the sides and back are...
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~1967 Framus 5/116 -52

This was, as described to me a new old stock guitar that had the scarf joint on the headstock separate. The headstock and the neck are joined together at a 45 degree angle, the joint had come lose, and it sat in the back of the guy's shop for decades, until the shop closed. Pretty clean, the pickups and electronics work, some of the metal, like the pickups had oxidized from sitting in the...
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1939 Gibson Kalamazoo Violin Violin

This isn't what we do, so may not know how to describe this instrument to all of y'all violin and fiddle players- please ask if you have any questions. This is a project we picked up, it has not been strung since we have had it. Here we have a Kalamazoo, by Gibson violin, several cracks in the top and in need of repair. The label is marked 39-5, I saw another online that was 39-7, so 39 is the...
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~1950 Gretsch Tenor

Pretty clean 19 fret. Plays well, and looks great. I have had a few pearloid headstock models, and have always thought 1950's, trying to find this one online I'm seeing similar models described as being from the 1930's to the 1950's so don't really know, but at least 60+ years old. Has a nice snap, but a nice warm midrange as well. Looks to be all stock, and has a soft case, with a longer neck,...
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1993 Hamer Studio

Having gigged with a 1992 Studio for the last 12 or so years, I can say they are one of the finest guitars I have ever played. This one overall is in nice shape, not mint but someone loved it and took care of it. Mine has a wrap around, this one is a stop tail/tun a matic, which tends to turn folks on more. It's a gorgeous guitar, with a great top. At some point someone had a pickguard on it,...
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1963 Gibson Scout GA-17RVT

A great sounding and somewhat interesting Gibson Tube amp- it has Reverb and Tremolo, but only 3 controls- Loudness, reverberation and tremolo. The loudness is volume, and there is no eq/tone/treble or bass. The Reverberation is the amount of reverb, and tremolo is speed, the intensity being preset. Sounds great! Two 6AQ5 output tubes, 10ish watts or so. 6AQ5's are a 7 pin tube, the 6BQ5 (EL84)...
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Gretsch jet case

Back in the 90's we bought a ton, literally of old inventory from a shop that had shut down in the early 80's. The lady got the store in the divorce, and was tired of all the clutter, so it became our clutter. This had sat here for decades- they were a Gretsch dealer in the 60's and 70's, and appears to be a case that was never sold. There is a small ding on it, and one of the latches on the back...
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