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1983 Kramer Pacer

Killer guitar-C49XXXX serial number, original Floyd and Schaller pickups. I sold this years ago to a Kramer nut in the Eastern part of NC, who used this and the red one fixing to be listed regularly at gigs. He and the other guitar player loved these guitars, and told me they thought this one was maple as it's pretty solid weight wise. It was refretted last year with Jumbo frets, plays great and...
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Airline Roy Smeck H4209

Sometimes you just gotta have it. The blood rushed from my head, and she was mine. This guitar looks unplayed, and has the original, equally clean 2 tone soft case. Everything works, no excuses, no stories, just a great sounding and playing instrument. Thanks for looking!
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1965 Fender Mustang

L plate and refinished in sonic blue, this thing is a real beauty! Setup and strung with d'addario 10's and includes OHC.
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~1981 Kramer Voyager Bass

1981 Voyager Bass, fully original with original hard case. It had another bridge on it at one time, but the original owner had the original bridge and we reinstalled it. Plays great, no issues, thanks for checking it out!
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~1976 Sano 160R 2 EL-84 amp w reverb

I haven't seen many of these in my life, and this one is a killer little amp. Belonged to a blues guy in Minnesota, and ended up with me. 15" Eminence Alnico magnet with a 1976 date code, 2 EL-84's, so 15 watts or so, compact, reverb sounds good but the tremolo is amazing! Original footswitch as well. The control part of the chassis has had a couple holes drilled for speaker output jacks, which...
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1964 Danelectro 9100 tube reverb converted to Fender

Listed 4 months ago by Coleman Music Condition: Good 621 Views Description Shop Policies This thing popped up on trade maybe 4 years ago. It didn't work, which is not a stunning thing to realize on Danelectro reverbs, and the guys off hand remark "It'll be easy to fix" made me chuckle, so I got it. I tried replacing the drivers with piezo's, spent hours trying to make it work....
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1961 Silvertone Danelectro U-1 Dolphin nose

This is a great playing and sounding guitar- I believe parts wise it's all stock, though I may have used a pickup out of a Jerry Jones guitar. My old drummer, who is a tool box/golf cart artiste for some of the NASCAR teams in the area threw a custom paint job on it for me. Pretty durn fabulous, though not for the faint of heart. I used it for several years at shows for my open G guitar, and...
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