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1964 Fender Concert

Here we have a pretty stupid clean somewhat unboogered 1964 Fender Concert. This came out of a collection, and of the 19 amps I bought this one sounded the best, but then I have always loved Concerts. The non reverb amps always sounded better to me as a general rule, and this one rocks. It had 2 issues- the tremolo did not work, a new optocoupler fixed that, and one of the Oxfords buzzed, and we...
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1964 Fender Pro

Very clean, almost all there Fender Black Face pPo with original single button footswitch! The tremolo did not work, and required a new LDR/Optocoupler, and it has had a 3 pin AC cable installed, ground switch/death cap bypassed. Original filter caps. I recommend having the caps replaced, and will be glad to do that, included in the price, but most folks have their own guru they want to do the...
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1965 Fender Tremolux head and cabinet

Here we have a pretty clean, and pretty stock Fender Tremolux head and cabinet. This amp has been in a collection for maybe a couple decades. Cosmetically it has a small worn place on the grill on the head, and electronically it has had a 3 pin AC cable installed, a new off on switch, and the ground switch/death cap left in, but bypassed. We brought it up slowly, over several hours with a variac,...
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1965 Silvertone Jaguar

I love Danelectros, and Danelectro Silvertones- this is an early one, mid 1965 pot codes. Plays great, sounds amazing, and all stock other than the bridge. These came as a tremolo guitar, but the tremolo bridge was missing. We had an original Dano bridge, non trem, and it fit perfectly, so here we have a fixed bridge 1450L! Looks great, and ready to boogie. We had an old black case that looks...
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1971 Marshall JMP 1959T Tremolo Head

Here we have a pretty clean 1971 (going by the label and "C" date code) 1959T, the venerable Superlead with the addition of tremolo! The tremolo works (one channel only, which is correct) and sounds pretty good. Circuitry wise it looks all original, other than 2 filter caps having been replaced, and a 3 pin grounded AC cable installed (with the polarity switch being taken out of the circuit)....
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Kapa Continental

Pretty clean Kapa Continental. I own 2 personally, and have had dozens more- this one has a thin neck, most are chunkier, very fast and feels great. Several of the dot inlays in the fingerboard are replaced, missing when we got it, and we had them tinted to look old. Other than that, pretty straight! Original bar, which you seldom see, and original soft case! Virtually no fret wear, as nice as...
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