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~1976 Sano 160R 2 EL-84 amp w reverb

I haven't seen many of these in my life, and this one is a killer little amp. Belonged to a blues guy in Minnesota, and ended up with me. 15" Eminence Alnico magnet with a 1976 date code, 2 EL-84's, so 15 watts or so, compact, reverb sounds good but the tremolo is amazing! Original footswitch as well. The control part of the chassis has had a couple holes drilled for speaker output jacks, which...
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1964 Danelectro 9100 tube reverb converted to Fender

Listed 4 months ago by Coleman Music Condition: Good 621 Views Description Shop Policies This thing popped up on trade maybe 4 years ago. It didn't work, which is not a stunning thing to realize on Danelectro reverbs, and the guys off hand remark "It'll be easy to fix" made me chuckle, so I got it. I tried replacing the drivers with piezo's, spent hours trying to make it work....
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1961 Silvertone Danelectro U-1 Dolphin nose

This is a great playing and sounding guitar- I believe parts wise it's all stock, though I may have used a pickup out of a Jerry Jones guitar. My old drummer, who is a tool box/golf cart artiste for some of the NASCAR teams in the area threw a custom paint job on it for me. Pretty durn fabulous, though not for the faint of heart. I used it for several years at shows for my open G guitar, and...
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