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1954 Gibson Mutant 1954 RB-250

The legend I got from the previous owner is the original owner hated the bowtie inlays, and Gibson wouldn't make him a replacement neck, so he had one made. Myself, my first thought was it's a conversion, but here you go. What it is (and please keep in mind that banjo's, to me, are an arcane lore, one I am woefully ignorant of) is an original 1954 Pot (going by the 4-XXXX serial on the inside),...
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1964 Danelectro 9100 tube reverb converted to Fender®

Listed 4 months ago by Coleman Music Condition: Good 621 Views De*unsafe*ion Shop Policies This thing popped up on trade maybe 4 years ago. It didn't work, which is not a stunning thing to realize on Danelectro reverbs, and the guys off hand remark "It'll be easy to fix" made me chuckle, so I got it. I tried replacing the drivers with piezo's, spent hours trying to make it...
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1971 Gretsch® 6120 Nashville

I love Gretsches, and this is one of the better ones from a players standpoint. Like a lot of them the cleaner the guitar, the longer it was left in the case, and that causes binding issues- this one has spots that have shrunk and yellowed, but it hasn't lost much, still looks good and looks solid. It is a 1971 model, serial number 111XXX, but the Bigsby and pickup covers look like a 60's model,...
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1960 Danelectro Shorthorn3412 bass

A labor of love! Rescued from a music store in Virginia, where it sat in a corner spray painted black. Had a buddy refinish it sea foam green, the logo, knobs and vinyl trim are replaced. The electronics are all original, bridge is as well, though I don't remember if the rosewood saddle is a repro or not. The tone switch is a little funky, and we will be glad to replace it if you like, but seems...
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~1948 Gibson ES-125 Mahogany top, Crown inlays!

We couldn't find any serial numbers or lot codes anywhere- based on the logo and non adjustable pole piece P-90 I'm thinking 1948. This popped up at the shop years ago for us to replace the machine head buttons, which we did. Not sure about the bridge- there is glue on the top under the bridge, where the bridge had been glued down, the glue didn't stick to the bridge too well and pulled off, but...
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~2011 Simon and Patrick SC FLM Flame Maple

We obtained this from a Simon and Patrick dealer who was liquidating invertory before going out of business- we were S&P dealers for years, as well as Seagull, and loved their guitars. This beautiful instrument has gorgeous flame maple sides and back, the back being a stunning 3 piece back. Shop wear is minimal, I don't believe this model has been made for a few year- we've had it a year, put it...
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2014 Rickenbacker 360-12

Gorgeous guitar, and pretty stupid clean- looks like it was never played, no fret wear, and a beautiful Mapleglo finish. Original plastic case, the case has scuffs and such showing, but is solid with no damage. No issues, just a nice example of an iconic guitar. Thanks for looking!
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1963 Gretsch® Blue Grass Banjo

This one is all there, plays and sounds pretty good- lots of snap. The 5 digit serial number 53XXX makes me think 1963, if the banjo's used the same serial numbers as the guitars then. Light fret wear, the original machines have been replaced with 5 Star Planetary banjo tuners. Has a newer inexpensive chipboard case. We restrung it, made some adjustments, and ready to roll! Thanks for looking!
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1959 Gretsch® 6125 Single Anniversary PAF Filtertron

I love Gretsches. And I love green. This puppy just came back from having the neck set, fingerboard straightened and a refret. It's a 1959, serial number could be a 1958, but I say 1959, and has been played. Someone loved it, and tried to take care of it, but played the %^$# out of it, giving it a wonder mojo, a great vintage look and a great vibe. Original PAF Filtertron, trestle braced, I...
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~1961 Gibson Maestro GA 1-RT

What an odd little amp. Single ended amp using a 6BM8 output tube. 12AX7 preamp, the 6BM8 contains a triode to make the oscillator for the trem, and a 5Y3 rectifier. Works and sounds killer, I installed a 3 pin AC cable. Lots of cigarette burns on top, original Jensen 8" alnico, just a cool little amp. The reverb echo pertains to the reverb pan, no longer present. What made this amp so odd is...
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~1964 Danelectro Silvertone 1448

This is the classic one pickup Silvertone, no case or amp- when we got it we had a neck, body, bridge and machines. We bought an old pickguard online and installed a used repro pickup and new CTS pots. The guard is really cool, definitely a classic Dano look, fit the guitar wonderfully, but gave it a different look from most 1448's. Plays and sounds great! I love old guitars, and talking a...
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1961 Silvertone Danelectro U-1 Dolphin nose

This is a great playing and sounding guitar- I believe parts wise it's all stock, though I may have used a pickup out of a Jerry Jones guitar. My old drummer, who is a tool box/golf cart artiste for some of the NASCAR teams in the area threw a custom paint job on it for me. Pretty durn fabulous, though not for the faint of heart. I used it for several years at shows for my open G guitar, and...
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