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1995 Dobro 60D

What a clean Dobro! I believe this is a Model 60D, the 8 2XXX 5D serial number puts it in 1985, OMI era. Sounds great, has a few small dings but overall ( out of 10. It was well taken care of. The original case is clean, with part of the hangtag, strap, a couple picks, and what looks like an old Dobro sticker that was never used. Looks fully original, and as nice an example as I have seen. Thanks...
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1963 Gretsch Blue Grass Banjo

This one is all there, plays and sounds pretty good- lots of snap. The 5 digit serial number 53XXX makes me think 1963, if the banjo's used the same serial numbers as the guitars then. Light fret wear, the original machines have been replaced with 5 Star Planetary banjo tuners. Has a newer inexpensive chipboard case. We restrung it, made some adjustments, and ready to roll! Thanks for looking!
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1959 Gretsch 6125 Single Anniversary PAF Filtertron

I love Gretsches. And I love green. This puppy just came back from having the neck set, fingerboard straightened and a refret. It's a 1959, serial number could be a 1958, but I say 1959, and has been played. Someone loved it, and tried to take care of it, but played the %^$# out of it, giving it a wonder mojo, a great vintage look and a great vibe. Original PAF Filtertron, trestle braced, I...
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~1961 Gibson Maestro GA 1-RT

What an odd little amp. Single ended amp using a 6BM8 output tube. 12AX7 preamp, the 6BM8 contains a triode to make the oscillator for the trem, and a 5Y3 rectifier. Works and sounds killer, I installed a 3 pin AC cable. Lots of cigarette burns on top, original Jensen 8" alnico, just a cool little amp. The reverb echo pertains to the reverb pan, no longer present. What made this amp so odd is...
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~1964 Danelectro Silvertone 1448

This is the classic one pickup Silvertone, no case or amp- when we got it we had a neck, body, bridge and machines. We bought an old pickguard online and installed a used repro pickup and new CTS pots. The guard is really cool, definitely a classic Dano look, fit the guitar wonderfully, but gave it a different look from most 1448's. Plays and sounds great! I love old guitars, and talking a...
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1961 Silvertone Danelectro U-1 Dolphin nose

This is a great playing and sounding guitar- I believe parts wise it's all stock, though I may have used a pickup out of a Jerry Jones guitar. My old drummer, who is a tool box/golf cart artiste for some of the NASCAR teams in the area threw a custom paint job on it for me. Pretty durn fabulous, though not for the faint of heart. I used it for several years at shows for my open G guitar, and...
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1965 Vox Super Twin ReverbĀ® AC30/6 Top Boost

One of the most amazing amps I've ever had the privilege to own. A really sharp 1965ish JMI era Vox Super Twin Reverb head, 2x12 cabinet, and stand. Basically this is a JMI AC30/6 top boost but in a head and cabinet format- my understanding iis it was the first Vox to use the trapezoidal shaped head. The head has new filter caps, otherwise appears to be all stock. Everything else looks factory,...
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