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What were these people thinking? Re-inventing the wheel by putting a nice flat spot on it? Guitar tuning machines work very nicely and have essentially in their present form for about 200 years; making them “smart” with electronics only complicating things. However... if you’ve got a guitar that already has these and some of them aren't working quite perfectly and you just want to have some spares around, or if you’d like to experiment with this concept, here’s your big chance. Some of them in this set work and some of them may not or they all may; I honestly can’t say which. These things are horrendously expensive when new, they’re German-Made(!), so here’s your opportunity to have some for a mere pittance; all of ‘em and their controller, the whole shebang, for only $49

Matt Umanov Guitars

Matt Umanov Guitars

22 Years
$49 down from $59
Matt Umanov Guitars
Matt Umanov
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