Let's see, what do we love about 330's. We love the P90's and the light weight and the fact that its full hollow making it the best "couch guitar" there is. And of course, the price. 330's are still a deal in these inflated times. What don't we like...well, most of us find the upper frets hard to get at with the body join at the16th fret. But wait...this is a "long neck" that has the same neck join as a 335. I don't know how they managed to do that with a center block and long tenon to hold the neck securely but in the late 60's, that's what they did. And, hold the phone, it's blonde??? Did they even make blonde 330's after 1960? Well the answer is no but you could special order one and that's what this is. I've only seen one other (in the past 20 years) and that one, like this one, has a three piece maple neck (like an ES-340). This guitar is near mint and is virtually unplayed. In fact I would be calling it mint except for a tiny ding in the middle of the headstock overlay. A great way to get started in vintage blondes and a true collector instrument. Plays beautifully and you can be sure that your friend with the big collection he's always bragging about won't have one of these. I guarantee it (I know where the other one is and it's not in the USA).

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