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Let's say your holy grail guitar is a 59 blonde 335. They only made 77 of them so the chances of finding one are pretty slim but they do come up once in a while. About half of them have the "transitional" slimmer 59 neck which isn't what you want. So, now you're down to maybe 40 guitars. Now, you really care about tone and wouldn't it be great if you could find a big neck early 59 with a thin top (58 FON) and the good 59 neck angle. It's a very rare guitar but there have to be, what, at least a dozen of them? 10? 8? This is an early big neck 59 with a great neck angle (lots of room to adjust the bridge) and a 58 FON thin top. This is only the third one like this I've had in 20 years. It looks like it had different tuners at some point but a set of correct 59 vintage Klusons is back on and there are no extra holes. PAFs are original -never rewound-never out of the guitar. The covers have been off and have been re-soldered neatly. PAFs read 7.9K and 8.05K. It plays very well but the frets are getting low-it'll be time for a fret job soon. Neck measures .90" at the first fret and 1" at the 12th. That's a big neck. All parts are original or, as in the case of the tuners, correct. Tuner tips are replaced. Bigsby is the rare "narrow top plate" type used only until late 59. Original Stone brown case in good condition. No, it isn't a museum grade guitar but it's not going to want to sit in a glass case to be stared at. This girl wants to come out and play.

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