When did block neck 335's get so pricey? A minute ago, a collector grade 63 or 64 was $22K. Now I'm seeing player grades at that price and no issue ones at $26K or more. Fortunately (for you) I've got a few block necks with some minor issues that'll put a stop tail block neck back into your budget. This red 64 is a stunner. Great color and character and a great player. So, why isn't it $25K? A couple of things. There are two small holes at the butt end from a different tailpiece-no holes in the top. Next, the harness was completely replaced. No idea why. Here's what's original: Everything except the harness. If you have a sharp eye, you can see that the tailpiece is a wrap tail strung as a normal stop. In 63-64, Gibson had a load of these left over from the LP Specials and Jrs that had been discontinued. For the SG's, they started using the "lightning" tailpiece so they had a ton of these left over. Waste not want not, so they got used on many 335's. I've had at least a dozen. It's still a lightweight, short seam tailpiece and it's factory. Pickups are early patent (purple windings like a PAF). The neck cover was loose so I checked. Neck profile is that perfect 64 that everybody wants-starts off fairly slim with moderate shoulders (so it feels bigger than the .81" it measures) and by the time you reach the 12th fret, it's a monster at .97". Condition is 8.5+ with some buckle rash on the back. There is no other significant wear. Top is very clean and there is no checking. The guitar has been re-fretted. Original Gibson badged case.

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