The ES-340 is a 335 with an odd circuit. It was designed with a "blend control to change pickups (bad idea) and a master volume. The three way was a phase switch. It didn't last long because you couldn't change pickups on the fly-you had to turn a knob (all the way). As I said, bad idea. So most have been converted to 335 wiring. This one has the original harness in the case so you can change it back if you're so inclined. But it's a pretty blonde with a humongous (but narrow at the nut) neck. This is bigger than most 59's. .88" at the first fret and over 1" at the 12th. This guitar has t-tops which have had the covers removed and reinstalled. The original bridge pickup with two lead wires (in and out of phase-made only for ES-340's) is included. It is a pre T-top. There is a splice in the wires of both pickups but they have not been rewound. Maple neck. No volute, no "made in USA". This is the early version. Orange label. Correct case.

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