Sometimes a minor modification doesn't affect the value of a guitar much. But if you put a Bigsby on a factory stop tail guitar, the value drops by 15-25%. Put a Bigsby on a super rare stop tail ES-355 and you've committed a crime. You've taken away the single feature that makes the guitar worth twice what the normal Bigsby 355 is worth. Now, a 59 355 mono is a rare and valuable guitar even with the Bigsby. An early 59 with a big neck and an uncut center block and a thin 58 top is kind of the holy grail of 355's. A stop tail version IS the holy grail of 355's (OK, a blonde 59 stop tail would be worth more but I don't think one exists). So this is a stop tail 59 355 but somebody did the unthinkable and added a Bigsby. It's set up as a stop tail and apparently has been for a very long time. There is considerable fade to the finish and no "Bigsby beard". The "Snakebite" holes are present in the top and four holes at the end pin. A factory Bigsby usually has a fifth hole for the ground wire. Aftermarket installations often omitted that hole. So, I'm pretty confident that this is a factory stop tail. The guitar is totally original except for the stop tail studs, nut and the frets. Big fat neck. 58 date codes on the pots. Bumblebee caps, uncut center block (rare on a 355), thin top. PAFs were removed (by cutting the wires) and different pickups were installed at some point-there are small holes inside the pickup routs (invisible with pickups installed). Original PAFs have been reinstalled by splicing the original leads to the original harness. Original Stone case.

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