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A very Rare byrd indeed, completely original, one of the very first V,s made in 1958 as it has the black stinger on the back of the headstock which was done at the factory to cover up the 3 small holes drilled thru the headstock when applying the Gibson logo as well as the black diamond shaped laminate between the wings of the body. These features only appeared on a very few of the earliest Flying Vs. Because of these minor flaws the factory put them aside only to be used at a later date and this one being so early that it was finally assembled with its serial# and hardware in 1964 making it one of the last Korina Vs to leave the factory. The hardware and electronics are from 64 as are the 2 Humbucking pu,s however the body is completely factory orig. from early 58. This process of assembling 58 and 9 Korina Flying V,s and Explorers in later years though not common did occur at the Gibson factory. This example is very rare and totally original, a great sounding and playing guitar... w/ohc

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