Take a look, take a look.... You don't see these up for sale but once in a blue moon. Here we have a Gibson GA 83 S, one of the rarest Gibson amps there is. The amp features a stereo amplifier similar to the 79 RVT. two channels with two seperate output transformers, powered with (4) EL84 power tubes, (2) for each chanel just like the 79RVT. The speaker arraingement is; (1) Jensen P12R mounted in the front center, and (4) eight in. jensen speakers, two on each side facing out the side. The controls are a bit different than the 79RVT, but the amp can be run in stereo or mono mode. If you have a nice Gibson collection, this one is a must. And by the way the amp plays and sounds great,with a nice tremolo. As seen in the pics it comes with it's original dolly that clips to the bottom.

So Cal Vintage Gear

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So Cal Vintage Gear
Leff Rogers