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1960 Fender Super

1960 Fender Super 11 % off
Hi....What we have here is beautiful 100% original center volume brown Super. This one is from my personel collection, I've owned it for over 20 years. It has spent it's life in my closet. The only thing changed on this amp is nothing. The amp plays and sounds killer, these 5 pre amp center volume Supers sound infinitly better than the later models (61 - 63). The tremolo is still very strong and...
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1967 Vox Beatle

Up for purchase is this real nice Vox Beatle bottom. It feature four very clean Celestian 12 in. silver bell alnico speakers, ad two Goodmans high frequency horns. The cab is very nice, the only issue is that it's missing a couple of glides on the bottom. The speakers sound great. I played an AC 50 through the cab and it was killer. I will sell the cab complete or just the speakers. Cab...
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