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Greatch 210

here we have a great little Greatch Amp. I'm not sure of the year, maybe early to mid 60's. It has the very cool covering that Greatch amps of this period have. it's a simple 4-5 watt amp, very Tweed Chap like.The covering is in excelent condition as is the grill cloth, and it works and sounds great. A nice addition to and Greatch collection.
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1958 Gibson GA 20

Check it out, a near mint 58 Gibson GA 20. This is the cleanest GA 20 I've come across. The covering is in superb shape and the chassis chrome and lettering are like new. It has had a servicing, and a couple of caps were replaced. It still retains it's original P12R Jensen speaker with it's original cone. The amp plays great, nice fat warm tone at lower volumes, and a sweet overdrive when dialed...
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1956 Fender White "Princeton"

Here we have an excelent condition White Amp made by Fender. The amp has the same circuit as a tweed Princeton. The amp is in excelent condition, and appears to be 100% original. The covering is in excelent shape and the chassis still shines nicely and the lettering is all there. This amp plays and sounds killer, warm chunky tone at lower volumes, and a killer overdrive when dimed.
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1968 Fender Vibrolux Reverb

Up for your consideration is a near mint 68 vibrolux Reverb. The amp is as clean as they come. The Tolex is pefect as is the grill cloth and all the nickle parts still shine like new. This is the early silver face that till has the black face circuit and parts. In addition this amp has the international power transformer. Check out the part #. It comes with a very clean original pedal. The amp...
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1967 Vox Beatle

Up for purchase is this real nice Vox Beatle bottom. It feature four very clean Celestian 12 in. silver bell alnico speakers, ad two Goodmans high frequency horns. The cab is very nice, the only issue is that it's missing a couple of glides on the bottom. The speakers sound great. I played an AC 50 through the cab and it was killer. I will sell the cab complete or just the speakers. Cab...
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