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1967 Vox Beatle

Up for purchase is this real nice Vox Beatle bottom. It feature four very clean Celestian 12 in. silver bell alnico speakers, ad two Goodmans high frequency horns. The cab is very nice, the only issue is that it's missing a couple of glides on the bottom. The speakers sound great. I played an AC 50 through the cab and it was killer. I will sell the cab complete or just the speakers. Cab...
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1952 Fender Deluxe

Check out the cleanest 1952 Deluxe I've ever owned. The amp is in remarkable condition. It is 100% original, every screw cap, resistor, handle, speaker. It still has it's original tubes...The amp still plays nicely, clean to about 4 then driving more as you turn it up. It had an issue with the light, but a little resolder and now not an issue. This one will make a beautiful addition to any...
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1966 Vox AC 30 Top Boost

For sale is a really great sounding, and clean Vox AC 30. The amp is a real Top Boost, not one that has had a hole cut in the back and had tone controlsv added. The amp appears very original, with a few caps replaced. The speakers are tight and strong and the solder joints appear original. It comes with a dolly attached, the wheel and bolt on assembly are original, the the wheel frame is newer....
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1966 Fender Vibro ChampĀ®

Here we have a very clean 1966 Fender Vibro Champ. The Tolex and grill are in excelent condition as are the nickle chassis straps and handle. The amp plays and sounds great, strong tremolo. A nice addition to any collection.
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~1969 Rose Morris Broadway

For your consideration is a killer British amp made by the Rose Morris Co. in England in the late 60's. It's powered by a pair of EL 84's and an EF 20 rectifier. Very similar to an AC10. it features a pair of 6X9 Elac speakers. It plays and sounds great with that traditional British break up. The tremolo works as well. it will take a voltage transformer to convert 120 to 240. These are very...
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~1978 Gibson Kalamazoo Reverb 12

For your consideration is a very clean Kalamazoo Reverb 12. The amp is in excellent original condition. Tolex, grill, Speaker and all electronics. The amp is a poor mans Princeton reverb, using EL 84's instead of 6V6's. Both the Reverb and Tremolo work well. As the title indicates it's around 12 watts give or take. A very cool amp for practice or smaller coffee house type gigs, or a great starter...
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