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~1969 Rose Morris Broadway

For your consideration is a killer British amp made by the Rose Morris Co. in England in the late 60's. It's powered by a pair of EL 84's and an EF 20 rectifier. Very similar to an AC10. it features a pair of 6X9 Elac speakers. It plays and sounds great with that traditional British break up. The tremolo works as well. it will take a voltage transformer to convert 120 to 240. These are very...
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~1978 Gibson Kalamazoo Reverb 12

For your consideration is a very clean Kalamazoo Reverb 12. The amp is in excellent original condition. Tolex, grill, Speaker and all electronics. The amp is a poor mans Princeton reverb, using EL 84's instead of 6V6's. Both the Reverb and Tremolo work well. As the title indicates it's around 12 watts give or take. A very cool amp for practice or smaller coffee house type gigs, or a great starter...
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