1952 Gibson J-45 SN Z2710 15

This fine old J-45 has had a lot of work done to it over the years but survives in very solid playing condition. The two tone bars (the long diagonal braces which run below the bridge plate) are replaced, the originals likely having come loose and fell completely out at some point in the past. Also replaced are the bridge plate (small maple), the nut, the bridge pins, the end pin and the tuners. It looks as if just about every top and back brace was reglued at some point given the evidence of glue squeeze-out visible. Though the brace reglue work was done well from a structural standpoint unfortunately whoever did the work did not take care to clean up after himself, so on the inside of the top especially there's quite a bit of dried glue residue (see pics showing interior). The bridge plate is the right shape and size but is not quite tucked against the X braces as tightly as one might like. The bridge looks old, and has an extra bolt going through it (yes, the two outer pearl dots cover bolts that would be original to the bridge), but I'm leaving the door open to the possibility that the bridge is a later replacement (not sure on this). The top has 3 repaired at the bass edge of the fret board, one under the B string and one that extends from the bridge to the tail block just below the A string pin hole. All are well repaired, tight, level and stable and appear to be old repairs. They need no attention. The center seam of the top may also have been repaired at some time in the past. The back shows two small repaired cracks just behind the heel, they are solid. Sides are crack free. The headstock has a chip on the bass corner and also has a hole in the back side that appears to be where a screw was attached, probably a small eyelet for the use of a braided cord type strap. The finish is original and shows significant wear from handling and play all over. There is wear through to the wood on the neck in the first position and some pick wear through to the wood around the pick guard. There is also some wear through to the wood on the sides, likely from case hardware abrasion and some belt buckle rash on the back. It appears as if the back binding has been all the way off and reglued at some point, and it has shrunken enough that there is a small gap at both ends of the binding. There is also a poor top-to-side joint repair where the top came loose from the kerfing, the gap was filled with glue but then not clamped fully closed. The repair is solid, but there's a small gap under the binding that can be seen on close inspection. So if you are still reading, it's time to tell all the GOOD stuff about this guitar! Thought it's had a lot done to it, the guitar is 100% structurally solid. The neck angle is perfect (don't think its ever been reset and doesn't need to be) and it looks like the guitar was recently refretted before the currently owner purchased it. The frets are tall and fresh and it appears that the fret board was nicely leveled when the refret was done. The fret work is excellent quality. The action on the guitar measures 6/64" at the low E on the 12th fret and 5/64" at the high E with a shade less than 1/8" of saddle showing. The neck is straight under tension, truss rod works fine. The intonation is good all over the neck. The guitar has not suffered tonally for all the work it has had, it delivers what a '52 J-45 should. Loud and assertive. Comes with a non-original hardshell case. $3999

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