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1964 C.F. Martin & Co. D-28

SN. 196466...Brazilian rosewood back and sides and a German spruce top (not Sitka). Martin commonly used German spruce in the 1960s and while not as common on Martins as Sitka spruce, if you see a Martin during this era with a non-Sitka top it's usually German spruce. This '64 D-28 has had the body and neck professionally over sprayed at some point in the long past and the original pick guard is...
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2010 Taylor DMSM Dave Matthews 914CE

#1103040075...The DMSM Dave Matthews model is based on the 914 CE but with signature features unique to this limited model, most folks looking for this guitar likely already know what these are. The guitar has solid Indian rosewood back and sides, solid spruce top, solid mahogany neck with ebony fret board and bridge. The body and fret board are bound in white and the top and rosette dressed in...
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2015 Larrivee 00-40

#127554...This great little solid mahogany and spruce 00 is used but doesn't look it, virtually mint condition. The top has scalloped X bracing, abalone rosette and 'rope' style (half-herringbone) purfling. The top and back are bound in solid maple and the body and neck are finished in satin lacquer. The neck joint is a traditional dovetail, the fret board is inlaid with pearl diamond shaped...
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~1960 Harmony H-162 Grand Concert (000)

These old Harmony 000 size guitars are often unplayable when found due to poor neck angle and neck bow. But this one has had a neck reset to correct the angle issue and has had the fret board leveled and compression fretted to flatten and stiffen the neck. The result is a great playing 50 year old 'cheap' all solid wood guitar that you actually want to play. Though these instruments are...
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1957 C.F. Martin & Co. A style

#22881...This 60 year old Martin mandolin has been played and shows some wear, and has some replaced parts but is a solid player grade instrument and is stage ready with an on board pick up. The inside of the body is signed by CF Martin IV and the instrument comes with a photograph of CFM IV signing the instrument. The signature can be seen in one of the photos. The tuners are replaced but...
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~1865 William B Tilton parlor

Here's a rare and cool old thing...probably mid/late 1860s, and one of the higher grade of Tilton guitars. This one has the top grain on the diagonal along with broad multi colored marquetry top purfling and rosette, maple bound top and back, brazilian rosewood back and sides. The neck is mahogany with rosewood veneer on the front and back of the headstock. The tuners are lovely silver plate...
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1958 C.F. Martin & Co. D-18

#161467. This guitar was purchased by its current owner in 1969. Around 1980 he had the guitar refinished by a Martin warranty service agent near Phoenixville PA. The guitar also had a patch to the back and side done at that time, both are well done and under the finish (visible in the pics). The guitar has had its original tuners replaced with gold finish Grover Rotomatics, the upper mounting...
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2011 Kovacik Guitars Pre-War D Brazilian/Adirondack

2011 Kovacik Pre-war style D Brazilian Rosewood/Adirondack Spruce #56 I built this guitar for a customer in 2011 who recently consigned it for sale in my shop. This is a special guitar, and the Brazilian rosewood that was selected for the back and sides is one of the nicest sets I've ever had, and the Adirondack top as well. Both top and back show all of the best qualities that these two...
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1976 C.F. Martin & Co. D-18 S

1976 Martin D-18S #380313 This D-18 is one of 40 made in '76, toward the tail end of the popularity surge of the 12 fret models that started in the early 60s. Soon after this one was made 12 fretters would largely disappear from the Martin catalog in any numbers for until sometime in the mid-late 90s. This example has some miles on it but it is a solid player that needs nothing. The Sitka...
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~1935 Regal B & J Serenader 00

This little Regal made B & J Serenader is very cool and unusual. The body is the width and length of a 12 fret 00 (14 1/8” wide and 19 3/8” long) but it has a neck with 14 frets to the body and a slotted headstock. Odd combination of features. Add a cherry burst, amoeba shaped tortoise pickguard and colorful B & J headstock decal and label and you've got one attractive package. Back and sides...
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~1934 Regal "Kleartone" Gem

Though there is no definitive attribution to Regal found on this guitar (no label, badge or stamp that says so) the heel shape, pick guard shape and other construction/design details suggest that this guitar was built by Regal. The pearloid headstock overlay is similar to those found on several brands of guitars built by Regal. This little guitar looks like it was built to compete with the...
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1992 Taylor 615

#16972...The 615 boasts a jumbo body with highly figured maple back and sides that make this guitar particularly handsome. The top is sitka spruce, the neck mahogany and the fretboard/bridge ebony. This one has just had the frets dressed, which was all that it needed to be ready to go. Structurally good inside and out. Cosmetically the guitar shows signs of use in the form of some dings and...
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2015 Kovacik Guitars Ditson Concert

This guitar is a reproduction of the Ditson concert size guitar made by C.F. Martin in the late teens/early 20s. Martin made several sizes and styles for Diston, this guitar is based on the middle size and built equivalent to style 28 specs. The back and sides are solid Brazilian rosewood, the top solid Sitka spruce, the neck solid mahogany and the fret board and pyramid bridge are ebony. Size...
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~1950 Regal Junior Jumbo

This Regal Junior Jumbo is likely from the late 40s or early 50s. The Junior Jumbo shape is similar to the Gibson made Kalamazoo KG-11, but the Junior Jumbo has a full 15" lower bout making it larger than the KG-11. The scale length is 24 3/4", the nut width 1 11/16". The back and sides are solid mahogany, the top is solid red spruce. The top is excellent quality and well quartered. The neck...
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1964 C.F. Martin & Co. 000-28C steel string conversion

Serial number 194406. I converted this guitar from the original nylon string specs to steel string back in 2002. The guitar received a new European spruce top with scalloped 5/16" gauge traditional X bracing and style 28 rosette and herringbone top trim. The neck was replaced with a factory made (assembled, carved, fretted, inlaid with abalone dot position markers and finished) neck with a...
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1929 C.F. Martin & Co. A style

SN. 14532. Very cool, all original Martin A style mandolin. Mahogany back and sides, spruce top, mahogany neck, ebony fret board and bridge. The top and back are crack free, there are two 1" repaired cracks in the bass side. The neck is straight, frets good, all bracing secure. The original Waverly tuners are working well. The frets have just been leveled and dressed, the instrument needs...
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2013 Kovacik Guitars 000-42 style Brazilian rosewood

Spectacular color and figure in the Brazilian along with style 42 abalone combine with striking visual result on this 000-42. The guitar has solid Brazilian rosewood back and sides (the back is 4 pieces, joined to look like a traditional 2 piece back), Engleman spruce top, mahogany neck, ebony fret board and bridge. The style 42 top pearl is bordered with wood black/white/black purflings and...
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Grover Kluson Waverly guitar tuners G-98, G-93, WG-31, etc

Kovacik Guitars stocks an extensive inventory of vintage guitar tuners by Kluson, Grover, Waverly and other manufacturers that were found on various models of vintage flat top collectible guitars. Please visit my website at www.guitar-repair.com to view a complete listing of vintage guitar tuners currently in stock.
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