This exquisite Gibson L-00 is about as early an example as can be found with the L-00 designation, and is in extraordinarily original condition as well. Its factory order number (FON) is faint but visible inside, number 66, which shows in the Spann Guide as specifically an L-00 from 1931. Thing about this guitar is, it is so finely built, and so light, and so responsive as to be nearly unique in the pantheon of these. It is 100% original with no cracks, no repairs, no alterations of any sort save perhaps a slight trimming of the saddle and that is it. It’s got the broad clean tones that only a super-light, super-early 12-fret version of one of these can have, and the action is equally light and perfect. If you’ve been looking for years for the perfect 1930s Gibson L-00 you have just found it. None better. $7495 w/bag

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