A stunningly clean example of a Gibson L-50 from the early 1930s. The FON, 416, makes this the earliest L-50 documented, as per the Spann book 'Guide to Gibsons'. That FON would place it in the Gibson logs as produced in 1933, although some would argue, due to its appointments, it's a '32. Regardless, it is the earliest incarnation of the L-50 manufactured in Kalamazoo. The benchmarks are the 'bell-shaped' body, and the fingerboard end about 3/4" away from the sound hole. Within a year, Gibson changed the body shape and moved the sound hole a bit northward.
The body on this L-50 is likely maple (or birch) with a carved spruce top. The top sports a glorious Gibson sunburst, and is also bound in white celluloid. The top also has its original L-00-shaped pick guard. The neck is carved into a fairly sharp 'V' profile, topped with a Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. The head stock is painted black, and inlaid in pearl unsafe 'Gibson'. The original finish sparkles. The body measures 14 5/8" across at the widest; scale length is ~ 24 13/16. The fingerboard measures 1 3/4" at the nut.
The guitar appears all original (tuners, nut, tailpiece, bridge) with no evidence of repairs. The interior is neat, tidy and clean as a whistle. The frets show only faint wear. The only condition 'knock' would be some nicks at the neck/body joint, apparently from over-zealous slide work in the past!
The tone produced is punchy in the mids, and mellow in the base. These make really fun fingerpickers, as well as rhythm instruments. This 'collector-grade' Gibson comes with its original Geib soft case in excellent condition.

Year Condition Color Case
1933 Near Mint Sunburst Original Soft

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