Kovacik Guitars offers this 1918 Gibson L-3 (#39978) acoustic guitar along with its original hardshell case. The guitar is in good condition overall with no serious wear or damage though it has had some work done to it in the past as well as some recent work done to make it playable. The top and back are crack free...along with normal scrapes and dings from a century of play and handling, the original finish has plenty of wear and crazing, particularly on the top and on the neck in the first position. The bass side of the body has a repaired crack up near the heel that appears to be tight, level and stable, reinforced from the inside, looks like it was repaired long ago. The original tailpiece with thick celluloid tortoise shell color/pattern trapeze is in good condition, the tortoise cross bar is solid and shows no cracks or failure. The bridge pins that hold the strings into the trapeze appear to be original (maybe one or two replaced though excellent match?), though the holes in the cross bar are worn to the point that the pins fit to different depths. The bridge has a patent date of 1921 stamped on the base, so it likely is not original to the guitar. The original pickguard is gone. There are none of the body joint separations that are so common on Gibson instruments of this era. The neck was recently refretted, the fret board planed level during that refret, so the neck is straight and flat. The heel is very tight into the body, no gap visible in the joint, but there is also a small wood screw through the neck block that goes into the joint. The screw is counter-sunk into the block slightly (see pic) and looks to have been there a very long time. Looks like it did the job and it seems like there'd be little point to pulling it out. There is a section of replaced binding on the bass side of the neck, from the nut to the 7th fret, looks like it was done some time ago. The original nut is present. The original tuners have been replaced at some point in the past with a period set of quality replacements that work well. The Gibson logo and lovely 'flower' flourish dress the headstock in pearl. At some time long past a previous owner adorned the headstock with the additional ornament of 5 little rhinestones, see pics. The action is set at 6/64" at the low E and 5/64" at the high E, the neck is straight under tension. The intonation is good. The guitar plays easily, though the neck profile is quite generous as is typical of Gibsons of this era. The case is original to the guitar and save for a little loose lining inside the lid and the cloth hinges that hold the lid open being gone, it is in very good condition. All of the metal hinges, latches and the handle are present, all of the interior padding is in good shape and the exterior covering is in good condition as well.

Kovacik Guitars and Fretted Instrument Repair

Kovacik Guitars and Fretted Instrument Repair

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