Gibson 1971 Les Paul Custom (Ebony Black)

This is a 1971 "Les Paul Custom" model with a 3-piece mahogany neck with volutes and a pancake structure body.

The neck joint is short tenon, the head has been enlarged since late 1969, the logo without "i" dot, "MADE IN USA" engraved under the serial number, etc., all of which are characteristic of 1971.

The neck heel area has been shaved and the heel is slightly smaller. (Probably to improve playability in the high position.)

The rest of the body has been over-sprayed except for the body back and head top.

There are retouch marks around the pickguard set screws. (Probably just painted with permanent paint marker).

Pickups are equipped with sticker numbered pickups, both of which have been potted afterwards.

The capacitor has the original Black Beauty, both tone pots are date '71 42 weeks, and both volume pots have been replaced with CTS '17s.

The front escutcheon/toggle switch plate/three knobs other than the front volume have also been replaced.

The back cavity and switch cavity have been treated with copper foil to reduce noise.

Re-fretted and re-nutted.

About 80% of the frets are left, and the neck and truss rod are in good playing condition with no problems.

The pickguard is missing.

Body : Maple/Mahogany
Neck : 3 Piece Mahogany
Fingerboard : Ebony
Weight :4.43 kg

Case: Original Hard Case

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Ebony Black
Original Hard
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