So, I go up to Nashville last weekend to visit my tall business partner and catch up with him. We do have a guitar show in Atlanta on December 4th and 5th to plan, you know. I get up there on a Thursday and he says to me, "Cub, we're gonna go work Nashville tomorrow. You bring money?" I told him that I did, so the next day, we jumped in the Death Star (my name for my wife's mini-van) and hit the road.

The first stop was Gruhn's Guitars. We pulled up into the parking lot and I looked over at Lee and said, "I don't know why you brought me here. You know damn well we can't buy anything from George." Lee just opened the door and said, "Come on. You can't never tell what's gonna happen," and inside we went, me grumbling all the way. Unfortunately for me, my last words as we entered the store were, "I bet you fifty bucks we don't buy anything outta here." Shouldn't have said that...

The first thing I saw that I liked was a smokin' quilted Modulus Jazz bass. I nudged Lee and said, "Told ya- that price is ridiculous," but he walked right on by me and kept looking. Then I saw a Guild Brian May that was gorgeous, but again too much for what I thought they would bring. By now, I had resolved myself to the fact that I was in a national landmark of some sort and with the Godfather probably sitting upstairs, he could charge whatever he wanted for his gear.

I walked around the corner and Lee was holding this Les Paul. He looked at me and said, "If you can get these guys to come down on the price a little bit, I think you'll be okay." I took the guitar from him and immediately realized that it didn't weigh as much as an anchor from an American battleship. "Hell," I thought. "I just might be able to pull this one off."

I walked over to one of the salesmen and began a brief conversation about this guitar and the price. 'Lo and behold, he was able to ease up on the price a little and the next thing I knew, we're wrapping up the deal and walking back out the door, this guitar in hand. We got into the Death Star and I have never seen my business partner grinning so bigly. "What the hell are you grinning about?" I asked. He just kept on smiling and said, "How much did you pay for that guitar?" and when I told him, he said, "Wrong! You paid $XXXX.00 and FIFTY dollars for it. Now gimme my money, sucka." Oh- I had forgotten about that little bit of grumbling I was doing when we went into George's place. Dammit.

I reached into my stash and pulled out the $50. "Now," he said. "Let's go over to Rumbleseat and see if the Dark Overlord is around. Maybe you can buy something there too- wanna make another bet?" I just shook my head as we pulled out onto the street. Folks, it's like my Mama said; "Better to be quiet and thought of as a dummy than to open your mouth and confirm the fact." Those are $50.00 worth of true words, right there.

This Custom weighs in at exactly 9 lbs, 12 oz. It's got pick swirling on the pickguard and some belt rashing on the back, but overall, she's a clean and solid instrument. Both pickups are stout and even-sounding and all controls work smoothly and cleanly. It's been set up and restrung by the fine folks at Gruhn's, so we didn't have to make any adjustments. Just plugged her in and let it rip.

As always, thank you for stopping by and please check out our other cool gear!

Southern Elk Music Co.

Southern Elk Music Co.

Very Good
Wine Red
Original Hard
Southern Elk Music Co.
Ray Mauldin
Niceville, Florida
3:03 PM

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