Les Paul TV model contrary to the pop culture myth was NOT invented to throw off glare but merely because Les and Mary intro'd it ON THEIR SHOW.

"Les Paul did not choose limed mahogany to avoid the glare of TV cameras but because at the time, in 1955, limed mahogany was considered modern. But he called the guitar the Les Paul TV Model because he introduced it on The Les Paul & Mary Ford Show on television" ** Importantly whoever did the refin KNEW to leave the orig decal. If it had ever been a Junior (sunburst) it would say "Junior" not TV model!!!

This 1955 TV has a huge ballsy voice and a ton of volume. Possibly because it is not a feather but more a moderate weight 7+3/4 lbs. The refin is done in a wheatstraw finish closer to the limed mahogany than the later banana yellow later 50s models. I PURPOSELY added pics without flash so you can see the grain in the wood much the way the early ones did with the limed finish. Beautiful Brazilian board! Orig Tuners were off and back on again.

There remains no serial # due to the refin. It was a VERY tight squeeze but was able to identify a "5" in the middle of the code so we believe it is either a 1955 or early 1956 with 55 pots which would be normal as well.

Killer guitar. Comes in a Custom shop R9 style case.

Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")

Dan Yablonka Guitars ("Axes of E-Ville")

TV (refin wheatstraw)
14 Years
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