A rare guitar has just turned up that’s been buried here for at least 25 years and we thought you might like it; we’re in love with it, a 1960s Grammer G-58, from Nashville, ca. somewhere in the 1960s. I remember these from back then, company started by Billy Grammer, a then-country music star. This one is in remarkable, original condition, plays great, has its own unique sound and tons of it. I’d be surprised if many of you weren't familiar with the legacy of these already. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one this nice, actually hardly ever seen any at all. From my research, this one was made in the best period of all Grammer guitars, has all-solid woods and is from before the company was taken over by someone or other. It’s got maple back and sides and a spruce top, and an original finish that can only be described as “different”, a kinda green sunburst. After doing a double-take at this guitar’s look, with all its fancy trim and all, it’s the sound that really makes you jump. It’s HUGE, and has that thumpy compression that only those rare maple-bodied guitars can ever have, really hard to put it down once you pick it up and start getting into it, inspirational I’d say. It’s an unbelievably cool icon of the 1960s American-made guitar world, and on top of that it’s a really great guitar. And rare. And fabulous. $3995 w/hsc

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Green Sunburst
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