Back when Fender was getting their wonderful Gretsch renaissance off the ground, they asked us to help both with instrument display and service, and we were thrilled to partner with them, a relationship that carried on for decades. Part of it was our having quite a large stock of replacement parts such as knobs and the like, and towards that end we accumulated quite a number of control knobs, knurled gold strap-buttons, etc. etc. I have just come across the entire stash, all mint unused, mostly in in original Gretsch boxes. There are about a dozen gold-plated control knobs, some with the red jewel; a similar number of gold strap buttons; a seemingly endless supply of metal switch tips, which always seem to get lost on Gretsch guitars, and a number of double-threaded lag screws for same. There is also a box of Gretsch screws and fittings, many gold, for just about every application one could want for a Gretsch. Original prices of $15-20 are marked on the knobs and everything is labeled with part numbers. Everything here, for only $175

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