Single cut Falcons are not common. These were stupid expensive (over $850 with the case which is over $7000 in 2020 dollars) back in their day and they didn't sell a whole lot of them. There were a couple of versions-this was the pricey one-the "Super Project-O-Sonic" which has a somewhat unusual stereo circuit which splits the low strings form the high strings rather than splitting the individual pickups like a Gibson 345. This was probably a special order as it has no mutes-most seem to have them). That's good. The mutes are worthless and add two extra holes to the top. Don't get too excited by the price-it's been restored. It came to me stripped with no bindings left on the body. All the hardware was stripped to nickel except the tuners which most of the gold was gone from anyway. I had the tailpiece, pickup covers, knobs (missing the pearl insert), strap pins and switch tips re-plated. They are all original. It was refinished and reassembled by the venerable luthier Ken McKay. An original White Falcon from this era is a $25,000 guitar. $14K takes this home. It's a great player (unlike so many Gretsches) and you won't have to worry about the binding disintegrating. The switch tips don't quite screw down all the way, probably due to the re-plating but they work and look fine. The truss cover is a repro but the original is in the case. Original case in very nice condition. That Cadillac tailpiece is nearly worth its weight in gold. It is original.

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