Chances are pretty good that you can’t find any like this nowhere, nohow. They were in the parts collection from the shop of John D’Angelico, that I acquired thirty or more years ago. I knew Mr D’Angelico, used to hang out at his shop here in lower Manhattan when I was a teenager and nuts over learning guitar making and repair, and he taught me things and gave me things; he liked me. These parts and others came to me via mutual acquaintances who had had them since D’Angelico died, in 1964, and had held onto them for decades, finally deciding that I was the right person for them to go to. They are components of 1950s-60s American-made Grover Imperial tuning machines, the very best made at the time, which D’Angelico used on all of his top-model guitars. These are chrome-plated, exceedingly rare from that period, even more so than the gold-plated ones; when you need parts like these they’re impossible to find. Included are: three bass side tuners, two of them less their button screws; one treble side less its shaft collar and button screw, These are all reversible for treble/bass, can be easily dismantled and re-assembled in reverse. Also included are one housing, two post/gear assemblies, and five back plates.The lot for $395

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