Superb Favino model n°10 Gitan bearing a Jacques Favino label, manufactured in 1977, in very good condition.

This instrument was created just a few months before Jacques Favino’s gradual withdrawal from his workshop in 1978, after three decades of self-employed activity as a luthier-artisan – times are changing in the street workshop de Clignancourt, as evidenced by the signature of his son Jean-Pierre Favino on the label established in the father’s name. We can nevertheless see that the guitar condenses all the years of experience of the father, and it is confirmed from the first chord struck on the guitar that we are indeed in the presence of an instrument of very high quality. Spruce top, back and sides in Indian rosewood ply, very fine lacquer, bridge and moustaches made from rosewood, ebony fingerboard, neck with a black varnished back as is common in the 70s. .. add to that the SB-branded tuners and the Delaruelle chrome tailpiece and all the ingredients are here.

Although certainly Selmer inspired (Jacques Favino took note of the construction of the guitars designed by Mario Maccaferri when he worked on a Selmer which was entrusted to him for repair), the Gitan stands out with a fairly clear variation of its dimensions compared to those of the original Jazz model: mainly, the body of the instrument has an increased width at the shoulders and hips, which has the effect of developing the bass response as well as the volume of the instrument . The sound is thus superbly balanced, and responds well to different nuances of playing without losing in presence. It is then easy to understand the success that this model met over the decades, and how it has found its way into the hands of countless musicians, renowned or not – an exhaustive list could be drawn up here as it would be long. For the curious and amateurs, we recommend reading the book written by Patrice Veillon & Arnaud Legrand entitled Histoire des Luthiers Jacques & Jean-Pierre Favino (Pass’Guitar, 2021), which offers a highly detailed account of the history of the Favino dynasty and the guitars they built.

The instrument presented here is in very good general condition, and after a refret and complete setup job in our workshop it is in top shape, with comfortable action and perfectly adjusted intonation. Sold in a fitted Boblen hardshell case.

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Galerie Casanova

Jacques Favino
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Galerie Casanova
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