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1958 Fender Stratocaster

An exceptional 1958 Fender Stratocaster, in very good condition. The body is dated from March 1958, and has a beautifully preserved sunburst with plenty of red colour left in it. The maple neck is dated from April 1958. Both tone pots have been changed, volume pot is an original 1957 part. The guitar weighs in at around 7.3 lbs. The pickups, plastic parts and hardware all appear to be...
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1933 Selmer Maccaferri Concert Harp #279

A very rare Selmer Maccaferri Concert Harp #279 from 1933, in good condition. This guitar may seem rather unusual to modern day musicians, but this format stems from a long line of instruments, of which harp-guitars may be latest representative. Added to the traditional guitar body, the upper horn-like bout and the headstock are extended in order to host three extra bass strings – this...
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1971 Fender Telecaster Rosewood

Stunning Fender Rosewood Telecaster from 1971, in exceptional condition. This model, unique among Fender instruments due to its all-rosewood construction, is the production version of a prototype popularized by George Harrison. Back in the late 60s, Don Randall, the director of Fender Musical Instruments at the time, had it in his mind to pursue the Fab Four and win them over to Fender by...
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~1890 Alejandro Roca Classical Guitar c.1890

A beautiful little model made by and bearing the label of Alejandro Roca Y Hermanos, in Valencia near 1890, in very good condition. Depsite its small size, this instrument has a great sound projection which, along with its short scale of only 600 millimeters, makes it a real joy to play. The guitar is very well built, with a spruce top and rosewood sides and back. It has rather elaborate...
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~1930 Julian Gomez Ramirez Classical Guitar

A beautiful guitar attributed to Julian Gomez Ramirez, built around 1930, in very good condition. Gomez Ramirez started out working as a luthier in Madrid for other guitar builders around 1892, date at which his name first appears in the ledgers. Around 1908, he moves to Paris where he sets up his own business, establishing himself as one of the first Spanish luthiers in France building...
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1923 Domingo Esteso Classical Guitar

A rare and beautiful guitar crafted by Domingo Esteso, one of the greatest names among the Madrid guitar makers. This exceptional instrument has been fully restored in our workshop, taking great care to preserve all of its original parts, including its varnish, bridge, tuners, and original label signed by Esteso. It is an incredible sounding guitar, responsive to the touch and able to render...
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~1830 Henry Lété Romantic Guitar

A stunning romantic guitar built by Henry Lété, whose stamp appears on the inside of the instrument, built in Mirecourt near 1830, in exceptional condition. This small sized instrument is made in the style of Aubry-Maire, another renowned builder from the eastern French city. As such, it is very finely crafted and richly decorated, with a spruce top and satinwood sides and back, and elaborate...
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~1939 Siro Burgasi D-Hole Gypsy Jazz Guitar

A rare guitare built in the late 1930s by Siro Burgassi, one of the lesser-known figures of French-Italian origin luthiers based in France. At the start of his career, Burgassi worked for Bortolo Busato's instrument manufacture, namely building banjo necks. As a matter of fact, many other gypsy-jazz guitar luthiers started off working for Busato, among which Favino. After his stint at...
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~1950 Di Mauro St Louis Blues

Circa 1950 Di Mauro St Louis Blues gipsy jazz guitar, in very good condition. This guitar, built in the « Petite Bouche » style, bears the name of French luthier Antoine Di Mauro stamped behind the headstock. Spruce top, maple back and sides. The instrument has been beautifully restored, complete professional setup done at our workshop. Comes in a modern soft case.
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~1940 Di Mauro Special Chorus

Splendid Special Chorus jazz guitar made by luthier Antoine Di Mauro circa 1940, in very good condition. This instrument has been very nicely restored, and comes equipped with its original SB tuners - a staple of French gypsy jazz guitar tuners, famed for their reliability and durability over the years! New ebony fretboard and pearl inlays. This model is different from most jazz guitars in...
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1951 Selmer Petite Bouche #859

Selmer Petite Bouche from 1951, numbered #859. This example has been very well preserved, in excellent condition considering the age of the guitar and the use it saw. It has its "S" stamped tuners and tailpiece, spruce top and rosewood ply sides and back. What makes models from this very late period such as this guitar special is that the necks were made of Brazilian rosewood instead of...
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1949 Selmer Petite Bouche #758

1949 Selmer Petite Bouche #758 $1,500 off
Gorgeous Selmer Petite Bouche #758 from 1949, in very good condition. This instrument has a beautiful patina and great, punchy tone characteristic of later-era Selmer guitars. Tuners and tailpiece stamped with the characteristic « S ». 14-fret neck, non-original ebony fretboard. Spruce top, rosewood play back and sides. Complete professional setup done at our workshop, in perfect playing...
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1941 Selmer Petite Bouche #543

A Selmer Petite Bouche from 1941, this one is numbered #543. This is a fantastic instrument of course sound-wise but also esthetically, with its flamed maple sides, back and neck (all solid wood!). A real treat to play with a short scale and large nut width - these provide great comfort and makes the instrument very responsive to the slightest attack. Very few of these maple models were made...
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