Suhr Classic T Antique 28854


A unique dual humbucker Antique T in Vintage White!

What we think:

It takes me the better part of an hour to get to and from the shop, which is more than ample time for that special something to keep tapping me on the shoulder. When this happens I know I'm in trouble, it's got me...

This is exactly what happened with Suhr Classic Antique #28854, lightly aged in Vintage White, with alder body, a roasted maple neck (my favorite), two of John's Thornbucker humbuckers (complete with the Shredneck Mod on the bridge pickup - thanks A.W. !!!), and finally the Gotoh 510 Bent Saddle Trem. Have Mercy - I've died and gone to Heaven!!! This thing plays itself, is incredibly alive sounding with no mud, has real power and clarity. It's almost ready to jump out of your lap. Please note that the video clip was done straight into the front of the Egnater Mod 50 with nothing extra except a little Strymon Flint Reverb in the effects loop. One friend described it as having so much sustain that it sounds like I was using an E-Bow. I wasn't!

This IS a special instrument - I feel lucky just to have taken her off the truck!

- Eddie


It's hard not to get excited about this Suhr Classic T Antique! First off, it looks amazing. From its tastefully antiqued finish to the special Classic T Shorty Shape pickguard, this guitar is an eye-catcher like no other. The roasted maple neck feels smooth and comfortable all the way up and down its 22 frets. But wait until you get a load of the two Thornbucker pickups, tone for days! You'll especially love the push/pull parallel bridge capability, which lets you go into extra snappy territory with ease. All of us here in the Guitar Department are in love with this beauty, now it's your turn to see what all of the fuss is about!

Year Condition
Call Brand New


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