We've got special treat for all you Larson brothers devotees: a 1938 Euphonon Dreadnought! Occasionally, the Larson brothers would label their instruments with Classical or American motifs (see: Prairie State models), but this Dreadnought is a Larson through and through. Brazilian Rosewood back and sides, Spruce top, and more crisp, fat tone than you can shake a pick at make this an instrument of incredible value. If you then consider how infrequently one finds a Larson Dreadnought (under any label), you can really appreciate the unique flavor of this particular guitar. The voice is immense, wide open and fierce, with juicy bass notes that hang in the air. The trebles are well-balanced and offer a subtle range of overtones which help fill out this Larson's trademark resonant tone. The pickguard is original, along with all hardware, the bridge, nut, and saddle.Until several years ago, this Dreadnought has remained in the Larson family, who have taken pains to keep it as pristine as possible--and by the looks of things, they did a wonderful job.

Year Condition Color
1938 Excellent Brazilian Rosewood


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