The Bass King is a powerful device designed specifically for bass. This is a dual pedal, it offers two effects in one: a high quality overdrive and an electrifying fuzz. The entire range of gain and distortion is within the reach of bassists with this pedal. The overdrive is an exquisite imitation of the saturated sound of the output valves of an old classic non master volume amp. It offers an excellent range: from virtually clean to a great valve roar, very dynamic and sensitive to the touch of the musician. By stomping on the pedal you get a mammoth Fuzz with a nearly infinite sustain, a veritable wall of sound that will easily become the envy of the guitarists of the band. The bassist will never feel a loss of bottom with this pedal, it also has two separate tone controls to make available all required treble or trim for a very dark sound.

As the whole range of Manlay Sound pedals, it is handmade, hard wired on a perf board using point to point technique, no PCBs are used at Manlay Sound.

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars

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Rock n Roll Vintage Guitars
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