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Dwarfcraft Devices Treeverb

Used Dwarfcraft Treeverb in excellent condition, includes the original box.
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~2010 MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion

MXR Super Badass B-Stock.  This is a floor model item that has a few blemishes by the input and output jacks.  Additionally it is missing its box.
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Roland JX-3P

The JX-3P is a great sounding analog polysynth descended from the Juno family of synthesizers. It is a cheaper alternative due to the lack of knob per function controls. However, you can still program with the buttons and data slider and its actually a fairly easy process! As far as the sound goes, it has the same buzzy and sharp sound of the Juno synths but includes a second oscillator. This...
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Hylight Electronics Fuzz Man

The Original Authentic Fuzz - A GARY HURST DESIGN -A reproduction of the Fuzz King pedal built by Tone Bender designer Gary Stewart Hurst in the '70s for the CBS/Arbiter, Meazzi UFO and his "Electronic Sounds" range of pedals designed and produced by him. Gary built fuzz boxes for Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, The Beatles, Spencer Davis Group and numerous other top guitarists of the era.Enables a full...
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Hylight Electronics Phazer MKII

An Authentic Vintage Phaser- A GARY HURST DESIGN -The re-designed model of the Phazer MKII pedal built by Tone Bender designer Gary Stewart Hurst in the '70s for the CBS/Arbiter, Meazzi UFO and his "Electronic Sounds" range of pedals designed and produced by him.Provides constant "Sweep" and "Depth" of the LFO oscillator by means of the Reactance and Lo/Hi Speed controls giving classic phaser...
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Hylight Electronics Octave Fuzzer

The Real Fuzz Octave Experience - A GARY HURST DESIGN -A reproduction of the Octafuzz pedal built by Tone Bender designer Gary Stewart Hurst in the '70s for the CBS/Arbiter, Meazzi UFO and his "Electronic Sounds" range of pedals designed and produced by him. Gary built fuzz boxes for Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, The Beatles, Spencer Davis Group, Manfred Mann and numerous other top guitarists of the...
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Roland Jupiter 4

Jupiter 4!! Roland's first polyphonic synthesizer that kicked off the revolution of famous Jupiter and Juno synthesizers of the 80s. This lovely instrument sports that original 70s Roland synth look with the nice chunky design, shiny knobs and preset control panel below the keys, one of the later models with this aesthetic. The sound is nice and warm due to the VCOs but it is easy to see how...
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2019 Keeley ECCOS Neo-Vintage Tape Delay

The true-stereo Keeley ECCOS artfully combines a delay pedal and a looper. At the heart of the ECCOS is a neo-vintage delay with unprecedented control over tape-style echoes. Create long and majestic sounding tape flanged delay lines and then switch to the feature-packed Looper to record endless layers of sound! Dual stomp switches in delay mode are for true-bypass, tap-tempo and even endless...
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Supro 1650RT Royal Reverb 2x10 Combo

Used in really good condition. Newer take on the vintage Supro amps. They still sound amazing! And with the 35/60 watt switch it make a great amp for home and stage. Don't its size fool you though. This 2x10 comes in at 56lbs!
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Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb Silverface RI

Used in really good condition. This is the re-issue of the '68 Silverface.If you are looking for a modern amp that has a vintage vibe, this is a great option. 22 watt single 12" speaker makes it great for playing at home or miking up in the studio or stage. The Custom channel is based on the Bassman tone stack, so you get a nice variety of Fender tone.
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~1990 Fender Blues Deville 410

Used in good condition. Updated form of the classic Fender Tweed amps with lush Accutronics spring reverb and a Drive channel to give your sound some more edge
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~1970 Acoustic Model 230 Bass Head

Used in fair condition but runs about half volume as it should. Some obvious scuffs along missing knob and slider caps. Sold As-isNot a super powered head at 125 watts of solid-state power but loud enough for most gigs. Although its geared towards bass but works well for guitar too.
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Sunn Sentura II

Used in good condition. Some minor wear here and there, there is a slight buzz to it but nothing over powering, reverb sounds great, and tremolo works well in slow to mid speed ranges but gets kinda lost in the highest speed.Great sounding, loud amp for those seeking the Sunn tone in a more affordable range.
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Traynor Bass Master Mark II YBA-1

Used in good condition. Modded to have a master volume (big red knob on back), there is an internal fan (currently disabled), and newer Mullard power amp tubes.Marshall-esque meanness that won't completely ruin your hearing
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~1970 Sunn Model T

Used in really good condition for it's age. Some minor wear here and there. One thing to note is that the amp chassis is only screwed in with one screw so its a little wobbly. If you could describe the Sunn Model T in one word, it would probably be LOUD. Plug in to the Bright or Normal channel and you can get nice smooth clean tones that will still rattle the walls. Plug in to both channels and...
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1965 Fender Pro Reverb

Used in good condition with some general wear and tear. Non-original transformer.The Pro Reverb is a 40 watt 2x12 combo, kinda like sibling to the Twin...just not as loud.
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2017 Gibson ES-339 Studio

This is a dream of a guitar! Gibson is definitely making them as good or better than they ever have. Nice and light. Good frets. 57 Classic pickups for authentic tone. Hard case included.
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1988 Gibson Les Paul Custom

The LPC will always be the best Paul you can buy. The ebony fretboard really seems to work some magic on the already tasty tone of a Gibson. This is a great example of the form and hasn't been modded, broken, or messed with at all. Nice creamy shade to the paint, not too yellow like some.
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Mule Resophonic

This Mule will impress you from the first strums. You can tell it came from the hands of a master. This one has a few years under its belt but it is in great shape. It was special ordered so it is the only one you'll ever find in this unique black finish. Also has upgraded flame maple neck and tortoiseshell headstock and pickguard. Hard case included.
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Ensoniq Mirage DSK-1

The Mirage is a famous sampler with a fantastic gritty sound with tons of life to it, there are analog filters, keyboard split, and some other really powerful and unique features. Samples can be saved and loaded via floppy as well as recorded in through the 1/4" input. There is also an on board sequencer. This DSK-1 is the last version they produced. This sale includes a boot disk with stock...
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~1980 Washburn A20

This guitar rules! Super cool silhouette with mean playing V shaped neck. It's had the pickups changed out but sounds killer. This guitar is a slam dunk.
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1982 Ibanez Destroyer

Super cool old road-warrior. This Ibanez Destroyer has a great vibe, great weight (7.8 lbs), good fret life left, and hard case.
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~1980 Yamaha SG2000

Here's a very addictive vintage Yamaha. Set neck, beefy body and sound, big frets, straight neck. Please note that there is a little fog in the finish that is viewable at certain angles. Freshly set up and comes with a hard case.
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Sequential Circuits Pro One

Here we have Sequential's classic flagship monosynth! A dual oscillator beast with arpeggiator, the Curtis filter, sequencer, and a simple but powerful modulation matrix. The Pro One is well known for its sound and has been used by countless musicians since its release. This particular unit is in great physical condition for its age appearing to have not been moved around or touched too much. The...
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1978 Ibanez PF400

Nice example of an Ibanez PF400, a great made-in-Japan LP alternative. Carved top, set neck, thin profile, good parts. Not mint by any means but very clean for its age. Case included.
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Korg NTS-1

The KORG Nu:Tekt NTS-1 Digital Programmable Synthesizer Kit is an easy-to-build DIY instrument that packs a powerful punch in the palm of your hand. The kit includes a screwdriver and requires no soldering for assembly. There is a 3-character display, three knobs (Type, A, and B), and dedicated buttons for each section of the synth engine (OSC, Filter, EG, Mod, Delay, Reverb). A built-in ribbon...
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Cordoba C7

The C7 is a wonderful choice for beginner or intermediate guitarists. A step up from our C5, the C7 offers Indian rosewood back and sides with the choice of a solid cedar top to achieve a warm classic nylon string sound, or a solid European spruce top for a brighter tone. The C7's traditional fan bracing allows for maximum resonance and sustain and premium features such as a hand-inlaid wooden...
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Behringer WASP Deluxe Analog Synthesizer

Legendary hybrid synthesizer with dual digital OSC design allows for insanely fat music creationAuthentic reproduction of original “Wasp Deluxe” circuitryPure analog signal path based on authentic VCF and VCA designs3 variable oscillator shapes with pulse / ramp and enhanced mode for ultimate soundsMulti-mode VCF with Lo, Hi, Band and Notch modesFlexible LFO with 6 waveform shapes including noise...
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Fender Player Series Jazz Bass

With its dual single-coil pickups and smooth playing feel, the Player Jazz Bass is an inspiring instrument with classic, elevated style and authentic Fender bass tone. It’s powerful, rumbling sound is punchy and tight; a growling voice that’s matched with fast, smooth playing feel for a shot of creative inspiration. Ready for action in the studio, or on the stage, the Player Jazz Bass can take...
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Fender Player Series Telecaster

Bold, innovative and rugged, the Player Telecaster is pure Fender, through and through. The feel, the style and, most importantly, the sound—they’re all there, waiting for you to make them whisper or wail for your music. Versatile enough to handle almost anything you can create and durable enough to survive any gig, this workhorse is a trusty sidekick for your musical vision.
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