Rare Pre-war wood binding 1925 Martin 0-18K Koa bodied guitar with the added bonus of being an original standard Spanish style. Martin also made Hawaiian slide guitar style 0-18K’s which often get convereted to Spanish playing style, this 0-18K is not a conversion. Predates Martin placing model numbers on the neck block. Original bar frets and tuners, bridge, saddle and string pins look original, but I cannot guarantee that.

Highly figured original 0-18 Koa’s are pushing five figures, this low price reflects a high quality satin body only refinish. Correct style grain filler used before the finish was applied. Mahogany and Koa refins that don’t use grain filler look terrible, so this is a big plus on this guitar.

The neck features correct era bar frets and a nicely shaped lightly rounded V style neck profile. Headstock finish front and back is original. The back of the neck has been oversprayed: the color and finish blends in well on the back of the neck. The neck has been reset and a thin shim has been placed under the fretboard tongue. 1.852 inches at the nut.

One top and back crack that have been cleated years ago, both of which are slightly open and would benefit from being re-cleated. Back crack runs the length of the body but should close well. The front crack would also close well, and runs from the bridge to the tail. One more small crack to the treble side of the fretboard about 1.5 inches long.

Photos of the interior of the box, along with lots of close ups are available, shoot me an email.

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