Vintage 1932 Martin Ukulele in good condition for its age.  There are surface cracks in the finish, which is normal for an item this old.  There are some large scratches on the back of the body in the center.

About Vintage Martin Ukuleles:

Martin Ukulele Models:
Martin 0m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 0k, 1k, 2k, 3k, 5k
Ukuleles were in highest production from 1916 to the 1930's, though still manufactured in quantity until 1965. Production quantities during some periods were as great as Martin guitars. Martin ukes are considered to be the best for craftsmenship and sound. The Koa wood models are more collectible than mahagony models. The fancier style 5 models are worth more than plainer styles 0 to 3. All sizes are collectible.

The first Martin ukes, built in 1916, have serial numbers ranging from one to less than 200. Ukes made after 1916 do not have serial numbers and must be dated by specification changes. For example, in 1962 Martin added "made in usa" to the inside stamp.

Ukes have the Martin stamp on the back of the peghead until 1935. Peghead decals do not appear in catalog photos till after WWII.

                            Total         Body         Body         Scale
Style                 Length     Length     Width       Length
Soprano (std)     21"           9 7/16"     6 3/8"       13 5/8"
Concert               23 1/4"     11"           7 5/8"       14 3/4"
Tenor                 26 1/4"     12 1/16"   8 15/16"   17"
Baritone             30 11/16"   14"         10"           20 1/8"

Martin ukuleles produced in greatest numbers in the smallest soprano size, but concert and tenor sizes were available circa 1922. Concert and tenor models were available in all the following styles, with the exception of Style 0, which was produced only as a soprano. Custom order ukuleles, while rare, were available upon request, and may have combined features from various styles.

Martin Style 0 Uke specs:
The most basic of Martin ukes. Mahogany body with no body binding and nothing fancy. Discontinued in the 1970s.
Introduced in 1922.
Mahogany body.
No body binding.
12 fret rosewood fingerboard with bar frets.
C.F.Martin & Co. on back of headstock.
Small dot inlays.
Rosewood friction pegs.
1927: Ebony nut and nickel plated pegs
1932: Decal logo on front of headstock
1934: T frets
1970s: discontinued. Recently the S-O (made in Mexico) has been introduced.
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