This 1927 0-18K was NOT a Hawaiian guitar that was converted. This 0-18k all koa guitar was stamped on October 10, 1928 and cleared final inspection on January 8, 1929. This was a batch of “Spanish” 0-18K short scale guitars (i.e., they had a regular Spanish guitar neck with raised frets, not a flat fingerboard with flush frets).
It does not have even one crack throughout the entire guitar. The nut is 1-7/8″ and the bridge string width is 2-3/8″. It has had a neck reset and set up 2 months ago and the action is 3.5 x 3 in 32nds at the 12th fret. The bar frets are crowned and play very well. It is original finish and black lights with no anomalies. Inside is all original including the bridge-plate.
The sides have three places that appear to have had some sort of heat source that removed the finish in small geometric shapes. One spot on the back as well. These are circular areas that display a lack of finish and do not affect structure or tone of the instrument. It is 95 years old from 1927 so in addition, there are dings and scratches.
The tone is extremely well balanced and open sounding with beautifully present mids, crisp highs, and tight bass. A pleasure to play!!! The neck is soft “V” and very comfortable. Just a wonderful vintage guitar and the bonus is a late 20’s rare and hard to find in any condition 12 fret Geib hardshell case that fits it perfectly! The case alone would be 600-900 dollars!!! A beautiful condition vintage guitar...

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