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1890 Martin 1-21

The Martin Style 1-21 has its origins in the 1850s and was a popular model throughout rest of the 19th century. There is a penciled date underside the top as was the manufacturing custom that reads 4/90 as the month and year of it's making. In 1867, the stamp on the center strip inside the body changed to 'C.F. Martin & Co., New York'. This stamp can be found on the center strip and neck block...
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1958 Martin 5-18

Nice 5-18 Martin from 1958 ā€“ no top cracks, old crack repairs and touch up on back. Six inch crack is through and luthier repaired, the other is not through. Slim maple helper on original bridge plate, original bridge, recent neck set (4 x 3 32nds at 12th fret) and setup. Plays very easily and comfortably. Original tuners. 5-18 TKL hard shell exact form fitting case. Looks good and sounds loud...
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~2015 Sunrise Pickup S2

Sunrise pickup and S2 (stereo) buffer box with short cord designed to be put inside an acoustic guitar. It has a padded female cord input so it can be used without being mounted inside a guitar and just be used as a soundhole pickup. The cords don't get in the way and that's how I use them. The sound is excellent as used by many well known players. Sound is not the same without the buffer box....
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1970 Gibson ES-330TD

1970 Gibson ES-330TD Long Neck Sunburst, in great vintage condition. There are some scuffs and finish aging as would be expected on a 53 year old beauty, but she is all original and has wonderful sounding original P-90's. This is the lesser seen long neck version, which is super comfortable to play! It just sounds incredible even through my old amps!!! Includes OHSC. Body Style: Hollow body...
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2018 Martin 00-17 Authentic

2018 Martin 00-17 Authentic $345 off
This 2018 Martin 00-17 Authentic 1931 is like new. While my preference is pre-1940 vintage guitars, those have risen to much higher prices the past few years and in some cases doubled in price. These Authentic series Martins rival the golden age guitars in both sound and feel. This beautiful guitar has hide glue construction, VTS, and a nice rounded neck with just a subtle hint of a ā€œVā€. This...
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1997 Lowden F32

1997 Lowden F32 11% off
Serial #9318. This pre-owned Lowden F32 from 1997 is a real bargain. You get the quality craftsmanship of George Lowden without the expensive price tag. Hand made in Northern Ireland, these guitars are some of the best instruments being built today. George Lowden guitars are his original design, not copies of Martins or Gibsons. Clarity, sustain, articulation and definition are what you will hear...
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