This guitar spent its entire life on the Big Island. The original owner was a serviceman (we got it from his daughter) who bought the guitar new, and couldn't afford a case (we got a nice arched top hard case for it) so the guitar has the warm patina born of lots of sunlight exposure and daily wear and tear. One plus of spending its life in the tropics is that there are no dryness cracks on this guitar. (In fact there were no past repairs and nearly all we needed to do was a neck reset and setup.)

At the end of wartime, when this guitar was constructed, steel restrictions meant that Martin's already light guitars became super-light. Necks were reenforced with an ebony rod instead of a steel T-bar, and even the tuners were stripped down to be super-simple and light, forgoing even the steel collars around the string posts that were present in most other years.

This guitar is mid-sized, a 00, but punches far beyond its weight class in terms of loudness and tone. Scalloped X bracing and Adirondack top, as usual for the early '40s. Everything original other than maybe a bridge pin or two. The tuner buttons have shrunken and deformed over the years, but they are original, strong and functional so we left them alone. If the new owner wants new buttons, that is an easy fix, but we (some of us) are fans of originality around here.

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