The 00-21 was essentially Martin’s original entry into the Grand Concert-size category of guitars, in the early 1870s, and the model was made continuously without interruption until sometime in the 1980s, quite a run. In the early 1960s, in order to take advantage of the emerging folk music boom, they came out with a variation (while still making the regular 00-21) that capitalized on the “New York Martin” talk that had started going around, and that they were also able to sell for few dollars less, calling it the 00-21NY. The only differences were the lack of a pickguard, lack of fingerboard inlay, a straight bridge rather than a belly-type one, and a satin finish instead of gloss, which was the biggest single item that allowed for the slightly lower price, and which a lot of folks turned out to like quite a lot. This lovely and very cool variant was only offered for five years and only about 900 of them were ever made; it’s rare to come across one today. I have here a really nice one in terrific condition; there is one small area of the top seam that was taken care of nicely long ago. The action is easy and low, thanks in part to a very professionally done neck reset (though I have no idea by whom), and original ivory saddle and nut, neither of which have ever been removed from the guitar. The tones, which come from its combination of Brazilian rosewood and the size and proportions of the original 12-fret 00-size Martin design, are as warm and clear and balanced as one could ever hope for. A perfect Martin guitar. $5995 w/hsc

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