1948 CF Martin D-28 w/Calton case & original hang tag

This excellent condition '48 D-28 needs nothing but a new home, having been serviced a few years ago at Brother's Music in Wind Gap, PA where the original bridge plate and bridge were replaced (the plate was cracked and the bridge cut down), two loose brace ends were glued and a new nut installed. The new bridge plate is maple and the exact size as the original. The original plate was kept with the guitar and is included in the sale. All of the work was done to the highest standard, as is consistent with the reputation of that shop. Also replaced were the original Kluson tuners, in favor of exact replicas (for better function), which were aged so they look appropriate to the age of the guitar. No change in mounting screw holes was required and the original tuners are also included in the sale. The headstock bushings are the originals. Prior to the current owner's acquisition of the guitar the neck was reset and the guitar refretted, while it is unknown where this work was done it was done to a high professional standard as well. The Brazilian rosewood back and sides are crack free, and the straight grain/quarter sawn wood for which older Martin guitars are prized. The Sitka spruce top is tight and evenly grained and well quartered also, showing nice medullary rays throughout and has aged to a beautiful pumpkin color. The original pickguard is flat and secure to the top. Note that the heel has never been drilled for a strap pin (see pics)...rare. There is an old, repaired top crack at the outer edge of the pickguard that is visible only on close inspection. The repair is very well done, tight/level and stable. It is not cleated and doesn't need to be. There may have been a repaired hairline at the pickguard under the B string as well, looks as if a very faint hairline exists there and Brother's Music removed a small spruce cleat that had been placed on the inside in that location. If a crack existed/exists there it was repaired and is very difficult to see. The neck is straight under tension and the neck angle is perfect (no wedge/ramp under the fret board extension and no drop-off). There is no wear to the fret board, no divots in either the fret board or the frets. The interior of the guitar is, with the exception aforementioned bridge plate, original and is in excellent condition. It does not appear that there have ever been any interior repairs nor are any needed. The original finish is in very good condition overall with the following visible wear...the back has an area of 'buckle rash' (see pics) where the finish is gone down to the wood. The wood beneath is not damaged/abraded. The sides, top and neck show typical play/handling wear. There is some pick/strum wear on the top around the sound hole that has worn at the wood on the treble side of the sound hole, see pics, and some finish wear on the top at the treble side of the fret board near the point of the pick guard. The guitar is set up with action at 6/64" at the low E and 4.5/64" at the high E with plenty of saddle showing, this is under tension of light gauge strings. Intonation is good all over the neck. As you would expect, it sounds great...big and bold, with what I describe as 'dry' vintage tone. I will have a sound file available soon. The guitar comes with the following items: the original (still functional) Kluson Deluxe tuners, the original (broken) maple bridge plate), the original nut AND the original RETAIL HANG TAG FROM 1948 showing the serial number, model and original retail price ($160!). Super cool. It also comes with a Calton hard case. $21,595

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