The Holy Grail for flatpickers and fingerpickers alike!

This very fine 1957 Martin D-28 acoustic guitar is about as good as it gets both tonally and playability wise.

Where does one start when trying to describe such an instrument? Lets start with the basics, shall we?

The back and sides of this vintage masterpiece are constructed of one of the BEST tone woods around, the highly coveted and rare Brazilian Rosewood. Check out the pics and you can see how evenly and beautifully the back is book matched.

The grain is very rich looking and the playability is smooooootttthhhhhh as silk!!!!!!

We got this guitar from the son of the original owner. His father played and played and loved and loved this guitar for decades. Its got hundreds and hundreds of hours of playing time, and it’s got even more love in it.

When the original owner passed away, he left it to his son, who does not play. It sat and sat for many years until we bought it from him and helped resurrect it with the help of our friends at the Martin Guitar Company.

We sent it directly to Martin for needed repairs, as many instruments of this vintage do.

The neck angle had shifted over time so they reset the neck using Hide Glue, and it is now ox-strong!!!

The tuners were changed as well.

The worn bridge plate was filled in, plugged; fully repaired. A new bridge was put on and the original remains in the case. All cracks were professionally and expertly repaired.

All repairs are noted on the SRO Packing Slip which accompanied the guitar and are included. (scans below)

The repaired cracks were minor, and were located at the waist. The solid spruce top was not cracked and is tact. Only the sides and back were cracked and were repaired beautifully. A tortoise guard was added, giving it a classic over the top look. The finish checking on the guitar adds to the vibe and character of the overall instrument. It was oversprayed at the Martin factory as well, and has a beautiful look to it, from top to bottom, and it retains the character lines (finish checking ) from age, time, weather, and playing.

The neck has a very nice soft V profile, and is comfortable to play. Extremely versatile and with a huge voice, this guitar

has the versatility, sound, tone, and everything one could possibly ask for in a brilliant playing and sounding vintage instrument.

The low end is BOOMING and it projects incredibly. Nice even balance from bass to treble all the way across the the frequency spectrum. Nothing sounds quite like a vintage Brazilian Rosewood Martin, it’s got it’s own tonal signature and character.

Bottom line, this guitar is good to go for a lifetime!

All necessary and needed repairs have been done to perfection. Its like getting a brand new 1957 Brazilian Rosewood Martin D-28.

A vintage piece without the vintage worry!

Original hard case is included!!!

Year Condition Color Case
1957 Very Good Natural Original Hard


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