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2004 Fender® '62 Reissue Jazzmaster™

Fantastic and now discontinued 2004 Fender Crafted in Japan ’62 Reissue Jazzmaster in its original Lake Placid Blue finish. Fender produced these in the early 2000s and they truly give the American Vintage line a run for their money and even include a brown G&G case. This example is exceptionally clean less one or two dings and some faint surface scratches. Comes complete with its original G&G...
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1995 Fender® '72 Reissue Telecaster® Thinline MIJ

Fantastic and rare 1995 Fender MIJ ’72 Reissue Thinline Telecaster in a beautiful 3 tone sunburst finish. The MIJ Fenders are truly wonderful instruments and give the US built instruments a true run for their money. This Thinline is no exception! Wonderful playability and just setup in house. Overall in excellent condition less a few dings / dents. Comes complete with a 90s Fender molded...
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2004 Gretsch G6118T-120

Fantastic and pretty much dead mint 2004 Gretsch G6118T-120 in beautiful 2 tone bamboo and copper mist finish. Celebrating 120 years of Gretsch instruments this guitar features two TV Jones pickups, a Bigsby tremolo, and is built in Japan. This example is pretty much mint and comes with its original hardshell case as well as all the original paperwork and case candy. Year: 2004. Model:...
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~1967 Hagstrom Viking V2 Deluxe

How cool is this? 1960s Hagstrom Viking V2 Deluxe in its original and beautiful ice tea burst finish. The Viking Deluxe was the fanciest version with gold hardware and headstock binding. Overall this viking is in great shape but has a few spots of missing binding, a spot of missing finish by one of the F holes and some hardware tarnish. The original small frets are lower but overall the guitar...
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2014 Ibanez AS-200 Prestige

Near mint and absolutely wonderful 2014 Ibanez AS-200 Prestige in its original two tone sunburst finish. Made in Japan and truly is a fantastic playing / sounding instrument. Near mint condition with little to no play time and comes complete with its original hardshell case and paperwork. Year: 2014. Model: AS-200 Prestige Serial: F1427789. Finish: Sunburst. Case: Original...
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1983 Fender® Telecaster® Elite

1983 Fender Elite Telecaster in a classy and original black finish. This example had humbuckers installed at one point and is now sporting a set of traditional Tele style pickups and larger pickup rings. Aside from the routes and replaced pickups the guitar is largely original. Pro setup and plays great! Comes complete with a hardshell case. Year: 1983. Model: Elite Telecaster Serial:...
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2013 Fender® American Special Stratocaster®

Such a great value! 2013 Fender American Special Stratocaster! These replaced the ever popular Highway One series, and are the baseline USA-made fenders. Modern C-shaped neck, 9.5″ radius, Alder body and Texas Special pickups. With a pro setup, these play just like some of Fender’s higher end models. Comes with a harshell gig-bag! Year: 2013. Model: American Stnd. Stratocaster Serial:...
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2005 Fender® Highway One Telecaster®

2005 Fender USA built Highway One Telecaster in a beautiful nitro matte 3 tone sunburst finish. The Highway one line from Fender has been disconitnued and it’s really a shame because they are truly a great bang for the buck. USA made, nitro finish, USA parts and components. This example is in great shape less some dings / dents and play wear. Just setup in house and plays great! Comes complete...
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1976 Fender® Stratocaster®

Get your Hendrix on at a price point that won’t break the bank! Here we have a killer player’s grade 1976 Stratocaster in a uniuqe Olympic White refin. Aside from the body refin (neck original) the guitar is largely original including pots, pickups, body routes, tuners, etc. The saddles and nut are replaced, as well as the pickguard. The neck dates to 1976, pots to 1975, and the original grey...
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1997 Taylor 710 Brazilian

Exceptionally clean and rare 1997 Taylor 710 Brazilian model. Sitka spruce top with uniquely figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides. The 90s Taylors are always stellar instruments and this one is no exception. Excellent plus to near mint condition showing only some light play wear and a few surface scratches. Pro setup and comes complete with its original hardshell case. Year:...
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2012 Rickenbacker 620

Absolutely stunning 2012 Rickenbacker 620 in an ever popular Jetglo finish. Super simple appointments and Jetglo is such a classy finish! Overall in excellent plus to near mint condition. Pro setup and plays great. Comes complete with it’s original molded Rickenbacker case and paperwork. Year: 2012. Model: 620 Serial: 1247580. Finish: Jetglo. Case: Original hardshell...
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1965 Fender® Deluxe Amp

Exceptionally fine 1965 Fender Deluxe amp in overall fantastic condition less some slight tolex and grill wear. Sounds excellent and has quite luscious vibrato. Tube chart is coded OK, dating to Nov 1965. Speaker dates 465-515, power transformer dates 606537, output transformer and choke dates 606539. Great Deluxe tone and quite nice breakup. Newer tubes and a 3 prong cable added. No footswitch...
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1965 Fender® Deluxe Reverb®

Stunning and clean Blackface Deluxe Reverb AB763! Here we have a 1965 Fender blackface Deluxe Reverb in overall fantastic and mostly original condition. Tube chart dates OJ (OCT of 1965). Transformers and choke all date to 1966 (606-4-50, 606-6-26, 606-5-13, 606-5-13, and 606-5-32). The circuit is completely un-touched with the exception of the power cable being replaced with a 3 prong and a few...
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2014 Hiwatt SSD103 100 Watt David Gilmour Signature

One of the coolest amps to ever come out of the UK! 2014 HIWATT SSD-103 100 Watt David Gilmour Signature head and 4×12 cab! From super loud and clean, to that crazy British crunch — this amp covers it all! Quad set of EL-34 power tubes, four ECC-88 preamp tubes, two channels, master volume and 3-band EQ! Fane speaker loaded, 4×12 HIWATT cabinet is the perfect compliment to this circuit. Overall...
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1966 Fender® Princeton® Reverb

Clean and mean 1966 Fender blackface Princeton Reverb. These amps have become increasingly sought after the last few years and it’s quite obvious why. Absolutely fantastic and pure tone, breakup, excellent reverb, and cool vibrato. Power transformer code is 606-5-48 dating it to the 48th week of 1965, output transformer code is 606-5-47 dating it to the 47th week of 1965, and the choke code...
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1997 Marshall 35 Year Anniversary JTM45 Bluesbreaker Combo

Limited to only 250 units, this is the ultimate Marshall combo! 1997 JTM-45 35th Anniversary “Bluesbreaker” 2×12 combo! 50 watts with tremolo, 2 channels, Drake reissue transformers and two twelve inch UK-made Celestion G12-M “Greenback” Speakers. Jump the channels, crank it up and rock! Overall in excellent condition less a few spots of smudging on the tolex. 100% Stock! Year: 1997. Model:...
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1964 Fender® Stratocaster®

Absolutely fabulous and clean 1964 Fender Stratocaster in its original and un-faded vibrant 3 tone sunburst finish. This example has all pre CBS features such as spaghetti logo, small headstock, Kluson single line tuners, mint guard, L serial plate, and clay fingerboard dots over a beautiful Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Neck is stamped 2MAY64B, all 3 pots are coded 1376422 dating to the 22nd...
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2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio

This is a whole lot of guitar for the money. 2012 Gibson Les Paul Studio in its original satin TV Yellow finish. Simple appointments, high quality parts, and a truly great playing guitar. Mahogany body, carved maple top and a baked brown maple fingerboard. These guitars came stock with a set of Burstbucker Pro humbuckers, and sounds amazing. Rounded 50s neck profile, Kluson Deluxe tuners,...
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Super cool and coveted 1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe in it’s original and aged Gold Top finish. Serial falls in the 71-74 range and all 4 pots date to 1974. This mid-70s Deluxe features a pancake mahogany body, 3-piece mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and 2 mini humbuckers. The neck on this one is pretty slender. The original patent sticker mini humbuckers sound great and are the perfect mix...
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2009 Fender® Custom Shop '56 Relic® Stratocaster®

Beautiful 2009 Fender custom Shop ’56 Reissue Relic Stratocaster in a beautiful 2 tone sunburst finish. This lightweight Strat has a comfy soft V shaped maple neck with a 7.25 fingerboard radius and plays effortlessly up and down the neck. The relic job on this guitar is the perfect amount, not too over the top and very true to what you would expect from a well loved 50s Strat. Pro setup with...
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1964 Fender® Stratocaster®

It’s not everyday you get to play an original pre-CBS custom color Stratocaster! 1964 Fender Stratocaster in its original custom color Lake Placid Blue finish. Totally original and well preserved, this has to be the shop favorite at the moment. Brazilian rosewood fretboard, mint pickguard, and the LPB finish is still super vibrant. Neck date reads “2MAY64B” and pot codes all read “304-6344”...
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1965 Fender® Stratocaster®

Killer transitional era 1965 Fender Stratocaster in its original and slightly faded 3 tone sunburst finish. 2NOV65B neck date, transitional logo, small headstock, pearl fingerboard inlays, green guard, L serial plate, 3 original grey bottom pickups. Original less one replaced pot, pro refret, filled hole from additional string tree. Pro setup and plays wonderful! Very lively and resonant...
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2011 Gibson ES-175 SP

Clean and absolutely wonderful sounding 2011 Gibson ES-175SP in its original sunburst finish. 1 11/16th nut width with a comfy neck, single humbucker pickup, and aftermarket gold Bigsby. No holes added to the face of the guitar to accommodate the Bigsby and overall this 175 is exceptionally clean. Pro setup and plays wonderfully. Comes complete with its original hardshell case. Year:...
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2000 Gibson Custom Super 4000 Chet Atkins

One of, if not the finest Gibson archtop ever produced. Behold the ONLY Gibson Super 4000 Chet Atkins in Sunrise Orange. There is rumored to be 20-25 of these total, this being the only Orange example. Produced by Gibson as part of the Art Deco guitars this example is essentially a thin bodied version of the Super 400 with a cutaway, Outrageously flamed Maple back, sides & neck, Signed by Chet...
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1956 Gretsch Duo Jet

We’re all in awe of this one! 1956 Gretsch Duo Jet in its original jet black finish. This is without a doubt the cleanest Duo Jet to ever come through our doors. Super light chambered mahogany body, weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. The Dynasonic pickups on these are some of the coolest and unique sounding pickups out there. A real dream to play, and is 100% original from frets to finish....
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1962 Gibson ES-345TD

Absolutely incredible 1962 Gibson ES-345 Stereo in its original and well preserved cherry finish. This is everything you could possibly want from a Gibson semi-hollow! Built in late 1962 with patent sticker humbuckers, factory nickel hardware, factory bigsby and “Custom Made” plaque. Super comfortable neck, Brazilian rosewood fretboard with a 1 and 11/16ths inch nut width. Overall in excellent...
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1967 Epiphone Riviera

Clean and absolutely fantastic sounding Kalamazoo built 1967 Epiphone Riviera model E360TD in it’s original and beautiful ice tea sunburst finish. Smaller 1 9/16th nut width with a slim neck profile, chrome hardware, 2 fantastic sounding patent sticker mini humbucker pickups. Overall this example is very clean and all original less a missing pickguard (bracket included). A true joy to play! Comes...
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1968 Harmony Holiday Rocket H-59

Clean and rare 1960s Harmony Holiday branded triple pickup rocket in its original 2 tone sunburst finish. 3 wonderful sounding deArmond gold foil pickups with volume and tone control for each pickup, comfy semi chunky neck, harmony tremolo. Overall in excellent condition less some spots of finish wear / checking. Plays and sounds great! Comes complete with a soft case. Year: 1960s. Model:...
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1972 Harmony H72

Super cool and clean 1967 Harmony H72 non vibrato model in Burgundy Red with a fantastic sounding set of DeArmond mustache style pickups. Overall in very good to excellent condition and plays / sounds fantastic. Pro setup! All original and comes with the original soft shell case. Year: 1972. Model: H-72 Serial: S-72. Finish: Burgundy Red. Case: Original soft case. Weight: 6...
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1965 Harmony H-19 Silhouette

Wow! Exceptionally fine and quite clean 1965 Harmony H-19 Silhouette in it’s original red-burst finish. Offset Jaguar style body, 2 DeArmond mustasch gold foil pickups, beautiful tort pickguard, Hagstrom vibrato and bridge. Excellent to near mint condition and truly one of the nicest we’ve seen. Comes complete with its original soft case. Year: 1965. Model: Silhouette H-19 Serial:...
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