One of the very first of these ever, and is it fabulous. We were intrigued by this model when it first came out in the 1970s, appeared to be just a regular D-28 but with herringbone top and back inlay and scalloped braces, but…… wasn't, or not really. There seemed to be a whole separate set of specs for these, just somehow inexplicably different from any other Martin, and some of the very first ones have a unique, unusually loose kind of tone, I’ve never heard anything else quite like it, and SO much of it. This one is a terrific example, to us from its original owner, now passed on, and probably even from us on day one back in 1979. It’s been played plenty and it sounds it, just gorgeously robust and large and clear in every possible way. In fine shape, frets in great condition, original American-made Grover Rotomatic tuners, nut and saddle as well. One minor side crack years ago, taken care of by us, and very faint evidence of a very old, extremely well done minor peghead repair, probably done by us over thirty years ago considering who owned it; he wouldn’t have known to go anywhere else. All set up by us just now and all ready for its second owner. A winner, and a major bargain. $1895 w/bag.

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