Mono Betty Guitar Strap - Jet Black


Lightweight, comfortable, and indestructible. Perfect for heavier instruments and extreme stage conditions.

What we think:

Mono outdid itself by creating a comfortable and incredibly rugged guitar strap that incorporates great style and functionality. The wide wale distributes the weight of your guitar, giving you the great mobility on stage to rock out! And I can't count the amount of times I've dropped or lost a pick on stage or in a jam, so the hidden pick pocket is a great addition to the design.

Mono straps are the most durable, reliable, and comfortable straps we have ever stocked and would make a perfect companion to any of our guitars!

Manufacturer Description:

We've taken to the stage with the GS1 Guitar Strap series. Like our cases, the GS1 Strap is designed with indestructible materials, lightweight construction and smart features to provide the ultimate playing experience. A classic, minimalist design sporting hi-tech materials, the GS1 brings the past into the future with a feel that must be worn to be believed.

We've taken comfort to the next level. The GS1's wide wale design distributes the weight of heavy instruments. A thin memory-foam core reduces fatigue during long hours of play. Forget about the instrument. Concentrate on the music.

MONO Straps are built for life on stage. Get creative with the hidden mini pocket, which stashes picks, a slide, or whatever right where you need it for quick access during play.

We got your back with Matte black steel hardware and military-grade webbing for those extreme wear performances.

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