Nash TELEMASTER T-Master 3-Tone Burst Guitar NG-2420


T-style tone and versatility, J-style ergonomics and playability, Nash-style mojo!

What we think:

Weight: 7.6 lbs.

Very alive sounding. Tonally, this guitar reminds me of a semi-hollow thinline tele. Even the neck pickup has that classic tele spank to it! - Eddie (

This is a Hybrid of two classic guitar designs.  Only Bill Nash can pull this off and still have an amazing playing relic that looks like the "J" guitar and sounds like the "T" guitar.  You won't see many of these around!

When we first picked up Bill Nash's guitars, we utterly amazed at the quality of his workmanship. Not only is his relic-ing top notch, but all of the instruments have a resonance that is hard to find these days from an instrument pulled off the wall at GC. We think this is due to a very thin coat of nitrocellulose lacquer, a properly seated neck pocket, and the appropriate density of the woods used. Combine this with Jason Lollar's pickups and you really have a match made in heaven. The pickups have that incredible bell-like tone with just the right amount of output. Finally a guitar that sounds and plays like the originals did in the late 50's. We've had people come in to compare their vintage Strats and Fender CS's to a Nash walk out with a Nash guitar because it was simply a better guitar. You can't argue with the price either. Most relics on the market are nearly double the price of a Nash. A Bill Nash guitar is a real player's instrument. His philosophy is that they should be used, abused, and then used some more.

Manufacturer Description:

Ash and Alder Bodies in all the period correct "F" colors. 100% Nitrocellulose Lacquer. Maple or Maple with Rosewood Necks with 10 Radius Fretboards and Dunlop 6105 Frets. Single action truss rods with heel adjust. Vintage Kluson style tuners.Tusq Nuts. Back Shapes are Medium C, V and Fat. OEM Pickups on Guitars are Lollar Hybrid Sets. Bass OEM pickups are Dimarzios. Other pickups from Fralin, VanZandt, Duncan, Rio Grande, Fender and others available - contact dealer. Aging Levels are Light (Church Gig), Medium (Workingman) and Heavy (Louisiana Roadhouse)

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