PRS DGT (David Grissom) Honey 10-Top Electric Guitar 216172


Gorgeous aesthetics meet impeccable playability and versatility, we present - The DGT!

What we think:

If you've ever wanted to be able to achieve classic singlecut beef, bluesy ‘s’-style and twangy ‘t’-tone all in one supremely versatile axe, the Paul Reed Smith DGT is heaven-sent for you. PRS has concocted a guitar for the tonal nomad, comfortably setting up camp in any genre.

PRS is well known for providing gorgeous wood for their guitars, but the flame and finish on this  out of this world! The mahogany body and Maple top combined provides a warm, responsive tone with tons of clarity. And unique to the DGT, individual volume knobs for each pickup allow you to blend pickups for precision tone-shaping a la Jimmy Page! This is a great playing, high performance tone monster and is just waiting to push some air out of your speakers!

The overall character of the guitar can be simply summed up - chameleon. The ability to blend pickups has this guitar easily nailing soothing clean tones with a rounded low end and smooth mid range. When driven, the guitar seems to articulate well and sparkle on the high end while maintaining a sense of body, sounding harmonically rich but not piercing. The ability to go from airy and spanky to warm and mellow in just moments is a thing of wonder, showing how PRS has perfectly executed yet another masterful design.

Manufacturer Description:

The DGT is the result of more than 20 years of collaboration between Paul Smith and David Grissom. The DGT is based on the McCarty Trem with special pickups, special wiring, a DGT neck shape, bigger frets and heavy gauge strings that permit beautiful rhythm and solo tone.

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