PRS S2 Vela Egyptian Gold Metallic Guitar #S2017152


A new and unique build from the guys over at PRS, the S2 series Vela!!

What we think:

Weight: 6.5 lbs.

This guitar combines the perfect amounts of creaminess and snappiness for a very distinct, singing tone. The Egyptian Gold finish is made for the stage and the Starla and Type-D single coil pickups give you all of the tonal options you need for any rock or blues performance. Both pickups perform equally well with the volume knob at 10 or rolled down for crunch and cleaner sounds. Combine the great tone with a light comfortable body and a fast playing neck and you'll find it hard to come across a better guitar at this price!

Manufacturer Description:

Anchored by PRS playability and craftsmanship, the S2 Vela is perfect for players who want PRS build quality and reliability with a fresh aesthetic. The Vela is the maiden voyage into an offset body shape for PRS and is both elegant and edgy. Loaded with a PRS-designed Starla humbucker in the bridge and the newly designed PRS Type-D single coil in the neck, the Vela has a bright, punchy tone that sounds great plugged into your pedalboard or straight into an amp. A coil-tap on the tone control allows the Starla pickup to split into singlecoils and explore a whole new range of tones. The newly designed plate-style bridge holds two brass saddles specifically designed for great sustain and perfect intonation so both rhythm and lead tones sound great no matter where you are on the fretboard.
In the studio or on the stage, you won’t want to leave this guitar at home.

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