These days, innovation is the name of the game when it comes to modern lutherie. Tom Rein’s approach to guitar building yields resonant instruments that are sturdily engineered to last for years. The inevitable heart surgery of the flattop—the neck reset—is here bypassed altogether with Tom’s RJN neck joint. This fully adjustable neck angle can be tweaked while the instrument is at full tension, enabling you to dial in the setup in seconds without shaving down the saddle and compromising the break angle of the strings from the bridge. This with a well-rounded C neck carve, Cocobolo back and sides, and Italian Spruce on top, make our 2014 Rein RJN-3 an incredibly robust build that’s responsive to even a delicate touch. The top is french polished to be as resonant as possible, and that lends an extra ounce of projection to the RJN-3. These trebles cut clean as a well-honed chef’s knife. The string-to-string balance lends itself to fingerstyle, but there’s enough heft to the body for flatpicking and strumming work as well.

If you’re looking for a guitar that’s going to last, last, and keep on lasting—our 2014 Rein RJN-3 is the ticket to the long game.

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