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Fantastic Guitar made by Chris Odee at retroguitars.net.
Not a "kit" guitar. Chris makes all his own necks, bodies & pickups.
His clients include Billy Gibbons, Mike McCready etc etc.........
This is a Strat shaped body, Black with Gold & Silver Flake graphic ( pics dont do the graphic justice. Its total 3D with metallic hue).
Non recessed Floyd Rose.
Odee Humbuck (8.6k).
Maple neck with rosewood board.
Neck is 1-11/16ths at the nut. .82 at the 1st fret, .97 at the 12th. Back of neck is oil finished.
Weigh 8.7 lbs.
Comes with a gig bag.

TradeMark Guitars

TradeMark Guitars

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Black w/ silver/gold flake
$1,250 down from $1,450
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